6 Mistakes People Make When Visiting London for the First Time

by Julia on January 16, 2019

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Visiting London for the first time, Its great! London is among the most popular tourist destinations. But do you know the common mistakes people make when visiting London for the first time? If no, then you have come to the right place. Following we will discuss these mistakes and show you how to avoid them.

  1. Taking Cab instead of Subway

If you are here to feel what’s it’s like to live in London, then skip the Black Cab for The Underground. Navigating a big city can be frightening and a bit expensive if you use cabs. London has one of the best public transportation systems around the world.

So, you better take advantage of them. The Underground or Tube is very simple to figure out Its faster and cheaper when compared with the black cabs.

  1. Always Have Some Coins in Your Pocket

A common mistake tourists make is they don’t use coins to pay for things. Don’t ignore the pile of change when you exchange money. English coins have managed to retain their value all these years. The fact is, Londoners get annoyed if someone uses large bills often. They ask for coins instead. So, the first thing you better do once you land in London is getting a coin purse. It will help you to keep the change.

  1. Get an Oyster Card

This is perhaps the best piece of advice you will get before embarking your trip to London. Get an Oyster card for public transportation. You don’t have to invest in individual transportation tickets. This will cost you a lot of money.

So, save your cash and get an Oyster card. It will make your daily commute easy. Load up the card, and you will have nothing to spend on transportation.

  1. The Language Barrier

If you are going to London and expect everyone will speak English, then you are in for a surprise. Yes, there will be a language barrier between you and some locals. In case you are coming from America, London will look like a more accessible trip than other parts of Europe.

Yes, it is easy to understand the British Accent than the French Language. But you will have trouble speaking with Londoners because they have a posh and sophisticated accent. Moreover, you will have trouble understanding their slangs as they will have trouble understanding yours.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Free Attractions

Here is the thing, tourists believe that most attractions a city offers are going to cost them, especially if they are visiting a very popular place. This is not true, especially with London. There are several tourist attractions that you don’t have to pay.

  1. Paying too Much for A Room

We understand that London has one of the most valuable real estate markets in the world. But this doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune to sleep a night over there.

There are many affordable lodging options. But you better book them before coming. If you don’t know where to start, look for London deals by Voyage Prive.

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