Saving for Your Trip of a Lifetime

by Julia on November 8, 2018

Too many people miss out on making that trip they’ve always dreamed of going on because they simply never have the funds ready and available. Something always gets in the way, or they just never get around to making a savings plan in any serious capacity.

If you feel you’re running out of time to save up for and go on your dream holiday, then there’s no time like the present to create a plan to get the money together and to just do it. Here is some great advice on how to carpe this particular diem!

Book your as flights early as possible

Start your hunt for flights as soon as you can so that you can grab some bargains. One great tip is to look for afternoon departures as this is the cheapest time of day. Another option is to have a stopover in a city you’ve always fancied spending a day in.

Be realistic about what you can fit in

If you’re only going for a couple of weeks, then you won’t be able to do all the things you want. Realistically, if you try to squeeze every activity and attraction in, you won’t be able to spend long enough at each one for it to really matter or to get the most out of it. Pare your to-do list down to your absolute must-dos and also factor in a couple of days when you can rest and maybe stay at home cooking or writing your travel journal. This also saves money as dashing about here and there, buying tickets and meals out, can become very expensive.

Stay on-task

So, you’ve got the flight! This is great, obviously, but it’s only the start. You have to save up for your accommodation and for your daily expenses. Set yourself targets so that you have such-and-such amount saved up by particular dates.

Eliminate your vices

If you’ll be saving up for a year for this dream jaunt, then you should start getting into good physical shape for it too. Start by cutting out smoking, drinking and junk food, as you may be surprised by how much you spend on these habits. If you smoke, make this the main priority; you can get smoking cessation help from the NHS. If you lose weight in the process, then you can treat yourself to a slim new wardrobe.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on new clothes. People spend over £200 on their holiday clothes, but you can visit a few decent charity shops and get some amazing bargains there instead.

Get to know your exchange rates

Learn about the currency you’ll be using as soon as you get your flights. It’s a good idea to start monitoring the exchange rates and to start moving small amounts onto an international bank card when the rates are in your favour. Whatever you do, don’t use the bureau de change at the airport.

Keep a close eye on your spending

Even if you need to write down every penny you spend, do it. Look at how much you waste on coffee, milkshakes and even unnecessary bus journeys. Try to walk to work or to your friend’s house sometimes and put the amount you saved in a jar.

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