Vacation and Save Money at the Same Time

by Julia on November 6, 2018

If money is always holding you back from enjoying a getaway, isn’t it time you did something about this?

Too many people let money stop them from having everything from a day trip to a longer vacation. As a result, they can end up missing out on some good times.

So, is it about time you vacationed and saved money while doing so?

Where Will You Find Savings?

As you feel the need to get away and still save some dollars at the same time, keep a few reminders handy:

1. Where are you going? – Where you head off to can of course dictate what you will spend. That said don’t despair that you will not be able to afford a specific venue. As an example; how about trying to get discount Disneyland tickets? Such tickets are available when you do a little digging. You can go online and find discounts via companies offering tickets to this venue and others. Often, going through such companies as opposed to the venue itself can result in savings. That will put a smile on your face as a day or more at Disneyland will.

2. When are you going? – The time of year you travel somewhere also can have an impact on what you will pay. For instance, going to Florida at spring break can lead to higher prices from airlines to hotels. The simple reason for this is supply and demand. Now, if you went there in the off-season when not as many tourists are there, chances are you will see the savings add up. If you have some flexibility in your travel plans, take advantage of such. Doing this can lead to more money left in your wallet or purse.

3. Are you taking children with you? If traveling with children, do not fret that your trip is going to cost a lot more. Many venues offer savings when children are in the picture. From hotels to restaurants and other locales, your children will not cost you an arm and a leg. That said if you are looking to get your child out of the house, don’t worry that trips mean big expenses. Do a little digging and see which businesses have kid-friendly offers available.

4. Do you qualify for other discounts? – If you are current or former military, there is a good chance you will find savings wherever you go. The same is true if you are a senior citizen. It is always good to reach out to the places you plan to visit to see if they have specials for different folks.

 Do You Have a Travel Budget?

Whether you travel on a regular basis or are an infrequent traveler, having a travel budget is a good idea.

With that in mind, start such a budget for your next trip sooner than later.

That budget can make it easier for you to come up with the funds you need for a relaxing and affordable time away.

Whether you have a travel savings fund set up at your bank or even something as simple as a jar at home; let the funds pile up.

If vacationing and saving money sound like fun to you, what are you waiting for?

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