Original Surf Morocco

by Julia on September 18, 2018

If you are looking for an authentic holiday destination, a place where you can surf and take yoga classes while enjoying the comfort provided by beautiful weather and delicious food, Original Surf Morocco leads the pack. Located in Tamraght village in Morocco, fifteen kilometers north of Agadir, the camp is surrounded by beautiful beaches and popular surfing points. Original Surf Morocco prides itself as a destination which delivers legendary Moroccan culture and hospitality, creating an atmosphere that visitors will enjoy, learn, relax and rejuvenate their energies ready for another cycle of daily routine.

What does Original Surf Morocco Offer?

Original Surf Morocco offers the following:

An all year-round fun and enjoyment

Tamraght village gets more than 300 days of sunshine every year, making it a great destination for those who are looking to relax and enjoy in a warm environment. It is also a top destination for surfing, providing world class spots which surfing enthusiasts of all levels and ages can enjoy.

World class hospitality

The camp offers visitors a chance to experience the legendary Moroccan hospitality, where the local staff and people are welcoming, friendly and fun. Most visitors who have been here give stories of the great companionship and numerous friends they’ve made during the trip. It is a place that gives the phrase “home away from home” a new meaning, because visitors feel at home then many of them get disappointed when their stay is over. Time flies so fast when you are in Original Surf Morocco, as every second spent in the camp is worth it.

Great opportunity to surf and practice yoga

If you love surfing, the camp gives an opportunity to participate in a sporting activity that provides great fun, thrill and enjoyment. The camp has a great team of friendly and highly qualified surf and yoga instructors. You have an opportunity to surf for up to four hours, in the company of a great team, getting tips and instructions that can help you improve your skills and enjoy the sporting activity. It even gets more fun when yoga sessions are on, because here you get to relax on the roof top terrace with a clear view of the ocean. Nothing beats practicing yoga in a place where there’s a cool sea breeze and breathtaking view of the vast water.

Wonderful sights, accommodations and great cuisine

Apart from the surfing and yoga experiences at the camp, visitors are also in for great sights and attractions. They also get to stay in traditional Berber style homes that have common areas, large roof terraces with an amazing view of the ocean and beautiful spots where one can view the sunrise every morning. There is also an in-house chef who prepares meals and serves them at the terrace. Visitors have a chance to taste sumptuous Moroccan cuisine.

Original Surf Morocco promises great fun, an opportunity to relax, make friends and participate in surf and yoga classes. The great Moroccan weather, wonderful sights and attractions coupled with friendly people makes the camp a number one destination for all your holiday needs. Visit the Original Surf Morocco and experience the difference.

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