What Does a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise entail?

by Julia on September 6, 2018

Canal city of Dubai Marina is lined with unique infrastructure and breath taking sites which has made it a top tourist destination. Locates along the Persian Gulf, the city offers an amazing sailing experience through the canals. Dhow vessels have been modifies to offer a satisfying modern experience blended with a glimpse into the heritage of the area. The vessels are made out of wood which gives them a traditional feel and equipped with ultra-modern amenities that enhance comfort and luxury.

Why you should go for a cruise in Dubai Marina

Some of the tallest buildings in the world such as Burj Al Arab and the biggest mal; Dubai Marina mall are located in the canal city of Dubai Marina. The upcoming office buildings and residential apartments make a cruise through the canals memorable as they offer a view of the different architectural designs incorporated in the vibrant city. Hotels and recreational facilities are being put up in the area to cater for the growing number of local and international tourists. A visit to the Dubai Marina should include one of the following activities;

  • Dining

What can be more memorable than having a mouth-watering diner on the waterfront as you watch the horizon? Many hotels and restaurants in the Canal city extend all the way to the waters giving their guest to have a laid back moment as they enjoy their meals.

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, which is a floating restaurant, offers a magical dining experience. You get to enjoy international dishes of your choice as you taking in the spectacular views. You can relax after meals with a chilled drink while enjoying the sunset. It is set perfectly for you to create long lasting memories of special events such as a birthday party, engagement or even your wedding.

  • Entertainment

A dhow cruise in Dubai Marina offers an amazing experience as the dhows have a unique way of letting the tourists interact with the heritage of the area. They offer a great opportunity to learn about the culture as most dhow vessels offer live performances and traditional dances. You will be given a list of entertainment options that the dhow cruise offers when booking your cruise so that you can schedule it according to the performance.

  • Sightseeing

Taking a dhow vessel along the Canal city offers spectacular sights as you get close-up views of the world’s tallest skyscrapers such as Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina Mall. A night-time cruise on the other hand gives you a glimpse of the New Dubai shinning under the blanket of darkness.

  • Dubai Marina walk

Taking a walk on the pedestrian trail gives you an opportunity to have a different experience of the Dubai Marina. The 7km pedestrian trail is lined with cafes, retail outlets, clothing stores and boutiques to enrich your walk with lots of fun and shopping. Live performances and art exhibitions and promotions are some of the events you are likely to encounter during your walk.

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