6 Fall Honeymoon Ideas That You Can’t Resist But Try

by Julia on September 6, 2018

Fall weddings are incredibly beautiful, but what about fall honeymoons? With the trees and seasons changing color in many honeymoon destinations, you have a lot of choices on hand.

Confused about which one to pick?

Narrow it down with these 6 excellent fall honeymoon ideas and start packing for the honeymoon trip right away!

  1. Napa Valley in California

See if you can list a honeymoon package for this destination in Honeyfund’s popular honeymoon registry. If you can wrangle it, this is the perfect fall destination for your themed honeymoon. It’s full of ripe vineyards providing several memorable walks and experiences.

Even if you just want to laze around and sip hot drinks, Napa Valley is a stunning location in the autumn. Catch a gondola and take it upstream until you reach a good height. From there, you’ll get a panoramic valley view full of colors!

2. Alaska

If you don’t crave a shopping-centric honeymoon and would rather go the natural route, this is one of the best destinations you can pick. After selecting your fun bridesmaid dresses made by Azazie, you can book a wonderful honeymoon package in Alaska right away. The aurora borealis is also more likely to be sighted as the winter draws nearer, so the later the better! However, you should be up to braving the cold in such a place.

Alaska has something special to offer: you’ll get dense foliage and rainbow lights.

3. Vermont

Some honeymooning couples want the full autumnal experience, which includes watching the leaves change and picking apples. You’ll get all this in Vermont and much more! The whole state is teeming with forests for your exploration or hiking expeditions, so you won’t be short on adventures.

There are also several couples’ activities you can do, which include apple picking and then turning these apples into something amazing! How about getting some jams back home and that too from a honeymoon destination?

4. Lake Louise in Canada

There’s nothing like this destination in Canada if you crave some fairy-tale locations for your honeymoon. Lake Louise is the most charming water body that’s nestled between staggeringly beautiful forest and mountains.

Besides enjoying outdoor activities, you’ll also be completely safe in your excursions since there are several tour guides who will educate you about the trip. If you prefer skiing and skateboarding, you can wait a little while for the winter.

5. The Upper Peninsula in Michigan

Sometimes, there’s nothing more you want for your honeymoon than some private downtime with your spouse. You can safely tuck yourself away from the rest of the world in the Upper Peninsula since far-away lodges are easy to obtain here.

During the daytime, feel free to explore the beauty of the forests, fresh air, and autumn colors. You can also stargaze during the night for an unmatchable romantic experience.

6. Aspen in Colorado

This is one of the fall locations that can make your honeymoon worth remembering for years to come. In the early autumn, you’ll get an Aspen experience that’s full of hiking trails, rock climbing, zip lining, and many more adventures. The forests and canyons make for an extremely adventurous time, making the best kind of memories for an active young couple.

If you’re more interested in wintry sports or just sitting by a fire and enjoying some chills, plan your Aspen honeymoon a little later. It would still technically be fall, but the skiing would start early and you’ll have all the time you need with your partner in front of the fireplace while sipping hot chocolate!

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