How to avoid being ripped off by plane companies when you are traveling to Brazil

by Julia on August 9, 2018


There’s no doubt that many people are dreaming about a vacation in an exotic place like Brazil. Who wouldn’t want to lye on the famous Copacabana beach, have fun during the famous Rio carnival and enjoy all the other breathtaking sightseeings from this beautiful country?

Well, we all know that, in life, nothing comes without a price, but in this case, it seems that only the privileged ones can travel to Brazil. If you weren’t born here and you don’t have a bank account with many zeros, you have a few chances of stepping in this paradise.

The situation seems to be similar for many Brazilians who work and live in the USA and want to go home during the holiday season. Prices for the airplane tickets are extremely high and it becomes obvious that flight companies use the occasion for ripping people off. Just as an example we will mention that a trip for a family of four heading towards Brazil could cost well over $6,000. This means more than the median monthly salary in the USA and it is a lot more than most employees can afford.

In this case, hundreds of thousands of people who have relatives in Brazil and would like to spend Christmas and New Year with them need to give up on their plans. The story is said and arises a big question mark: why are flights to Brazil so expensive? This is a common sense curiosity, but the fact is that the high demand for flights to this country during the Christmas holiday is the main reason which causes these over-priced ”offers”.

Are there any ways of finding a more affordable plane ticket to Brazil?

A recent survey conducted by the World Economic Forum says that Brazil is not a good place for making business. Corruption, extremely high taxes and unreliable logistics make possible investors give up on the idea of starting a new business here. Tourism remains one of the countries most important income sources, but let’s see if there are cheaper ways to book a plane ticket for Brazil.

First of all, you should find a reliable booking portal, like Fareboom. The Internet is an endless resource, so by using it, you can find more options and all the information you need to know about purchasing your plane ticket at a lower price. Experts say that there are some tips which can help you in this adventure.

1. Keep up-to-date with all the information concerning discounts or special offers. This is an important step, so you should sign up for alerts. You will be the first who learns about these facilities. Besides, it’s important to check several websites belonging to different flight companies, compare their offers and choose the one which suits you best

2. Early booking is a good tactic. When it comes to traveling long distances, like from the USA to Brazil it’s better to take all aspects into consideration. The earlier you reserve the plane ticket, the cheaper it will be. If you make the purchase with 1-2 months before the departure, your discount might be over 30%

3. Non-refundable tickets are usually cheaper than the refundable version. If your trip to Brazil is certain and you are sure about the dates, time and everything, choose this type of tickets

4. When you are planning the travel, you should avoid the weekend. You can get good deals and important discounts if you are traveling on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, keep in mind that night flights are not so expensive as morning options

With all things considered, it’s important to think about every aspect of your trip and plan it in advance. It costs a lot and you wouldn’t want anything to ruin it for you.

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