A guide to camping in America

by Julia on August 9, 2018

If you are planning a US-camping trip, you want to know where to go. You want to know which parks to visit, when the best time of year is to travel, and what the safest destinations are for your skill level and activities you plan on engaging. So, before you head out for a hiking and camping trip to Yosemite or a challenging destination you aren’t ready for, these are a few things to consider when planning out the itinerary to your trip.

What can you bring?

Some sites are strictly intended for backpacking, some are RV sites, and some campsites are intended for camping tents only. Depending on the parks you visit, and the types of trip you plan on taking, it is important to know what you can and can’t bring, as well as which activities are allowed (and aren’t) to ensure you make the most of your trip.

Trip sites and what you’ll see

Some people want to go birdwatching, others are planning on fishing, and some simply want to hike the highest mountains. In addition to knowing which sites in America have the sites you want to see, you also must know how challenging they are. If you are a novice or beginner hiker, you aren’t going to have the easiest time hiking a 25-mile trail, with a 12,000-foot elevation. You have to plan accordingly, understand what you should expect along the way, and understand which sites and destinations offer what you’re looking for, and can handle.

Camping costs

Camping isn’t cheap. Camping bags, tents, hammocks, fuel, protective gear, and other supplies should be taken with you on any camping trip. When planning a US camping trip, you also have to know about surrounding areas. In the event you have to stay at a nearby hotel, or dine at a restaurant, you should know where things are situated, how close you are to safety or emergency care, and how much money you should have with you, for the trip. By understanding these aspects of the trip, you are not only going to find it easier to plan for your camping trip, but also ensure you stay safe, and everyone in your party is safe, all while making the most out of the destination you are visiting on your US camping trip.

Camping isn’t simply about getting into a rented RV and driving cross-country. There are so many campsites, different types of excursions to plan, and every camper is at a different skill level when they are planning their trip. In order to ensure it is enjoyable, you have to account for all of these factors when you are planning your camping trip.

Before simply choosing any point on a map, make sure you understand what to expect, and what forms of enjoyment are available at the campsites you want to visit. Not only will your camping trip feel more enjoyable, you are also going to find it easier to please everyone in the camping group and ensure everyone is going to be as safe as possible, for the duration of the camping trip you are planning, to any particular site.

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