Cheap Trips To Take As A Couple

by Julia on March 19, 2018

While money will always be of utmost importance, you do not really have any excuse to say no to a sudden weekend getaway with your loved one.

Indeed, a relaxing beach escapade or a trip to a couples resort may cost an arm and a leg, but the priceless memories you make are memories for a lifetime. It is believed that couples are always planning for romantic getaways to unwind and relax their minds. However, when they are on a limited budget, it is difficult to plan something that is over the top. What they do not understand is that if they do thorough research for trips that are cheaper and romantic, they will not be disappointed. It all depends on where you live, but the following options are the cheap trip you can take as a couple:

The Complete Couples Getaway

If you and your better half have their passports in hand, you can opt for an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean. Like other couples resort, an all-inclusive resort is similar but comes with one huge detail.

From entertainment to your meals, drinks, snacks, and other related stuff is included for one price. In the beginning it may sound like an expensive option, but once you start using and taking advantage of the services an all-inclusive resort has to offer, you will realize it to be affordable.

If we take example of all inclusive resorts available in Jamaica or Dominican Republic, the entire trip (including the air fare) will cost you $900 or less per person.

The Inexpensive Beach Experience

What can be more romantic than waves hitting your feet while you are standing at the shore of a beach with your loved one? Pretty exciting, right? You might think getting this done is a significant expense – however, if you play smartly, it does not have to be.

If you are on a limited budget, rent a vacant apartment, condo, or a bungalow either on or near the beach. Traditional hoteling costs a lot – therefore, you can save huge amount of money by browsing and booking a place through Airbnb or HomeAway.

Traveling In Off Peak Season

Many people are fond of traveling in off peak season in order to make an expensive trip cheaper with their loveliest partner in crime. For instance, most of the people are looking to move away for warmer climates during winter season. Others might want to visit such places during the same season.

Boston, Chicago, and New York are widely known as cold weather cities and the temperature change does keep the people away. But, this does not mean that entertainment and eatery businesses would shut off because of the weather. You can plan a warm cheap trip to take as a couple during off peak seasons.

Other Places:

In case, you are not convinced with the options mentioned above, we have prepared another list to help you make an informed decision:

·         Hawaii

Many people do not consider Hawaii because it does not seem to be an inexpensive option. But, this is not the case. The place is highly affordable and recommended for couples as it offers some great activities as well

·         Disney World

Couples dream of going to the Disney World as it is known as one of the most romantic places on earth. It is recommended to go to Disney World during an off peak month so that you can make the most of the place. Do not buy ticket for the summer season as the place is tightly packed during summers.


The idea of planning a cheap trip as couples is a daunting task because you may have to compromise on one thing or the another. Regardless, choosing one of the options mentioned above will give you the best return on your money.

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