Best places to go Paddle Boarding and Kayaking in Australia

by Julia on March 19, 2018

Whether travelling on foot, by vehicle or any other means Australia is a beautiful country with picturesque backdrops and around 35,000 kilometres of coastline to explore. The best way of course to get a different perspective of the views is to explore by kayak at water levels. There are so many different opportunities to go kayaking or paddleboarding depending on your preference. Read on to find out our top picks of locations.

Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island in Queensland is the biggest national park on any of its islands. Although paddling inside the Hinchinbrook Channel is not advisable because of the crocodiles living there but you can safely paddleboard or kayak on the outer coast. The island is a popular place for bushwalkers to explore thanks to the Thorsborne trail but going by kayak or paddleboard allows you to see surfacing turtles and other creatures and be at the same level as the spectacular beaches lined with palm trees.

From the outer coast you will be able to see many of the greatest sights from a different perspective including Nina Peak and Zoe Falls. You will need to bring a paddle board, they do not rent them. Consider and inflatable paddle board for ease of transport. If you are not familiar with iSUPS, you can read about the various models at OutsidePursuits.

Ngaro Sea Trail

Also in Queensland is the Ngaro Sea Trail which is known for being one of the greatest walks. As well as being great for exploring by foot there is also a circuit especially for paddle boarding right through Whitsunday islands. The whole trail will take you on a loop if you decide you want to incorporate walking with kayaking, however you do have the option to pick your own route and islands if you want to camp out there. If you want to paddle board, there is a rental shop with quite a few SUPs available by the hour. If you are unsure about what type of paddle board to rent, you can read about some good ones here.

Numerous walking trails should you beautiful views including those of the aboriginal rock art site and Whitsunday Cairn. If you prefer to bypass the open water crossing you can alternatively use the kayaking water taxi service which will take you and your equipment to a number of campsites.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is located in Western Australia and is not just another of Australia’s reefs. The famed barrier reefs are popular with kayakers as well as paddleboarders thanks to the conditions being similar to a lagoon. You can also roll overboard if you wish and explore the Azure Sea by snorkelling with bommies, reef sharks, numerous fish species and turtles for an experience you won’t forget.  You have the option of going out alone or taking a trip with a guide to have a day paddle or go over a space of five days to explore different reef sections.

Freycinet Peninsula

Freycinet Peninsula is located in Tasmania. Although you are not going to be able to see wineglass bay from your mode of water transport the chances are you will be so distracted and overwhelmed by the beautiful beaches and bays you won’t feel like you have missed out.  There are three hour tours available that take you all around Coles Bay which means you don’t have to embark on hazardous trails across mountains. You can also camp out on Hazards beach or camp with real penguins or explore the nearby caves on an expedition to Schouten Island.

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