Private Jet Vs. First Class Travel: Which One’s Right for You?

by Julia on January 30, 2018

Flying first class (not to be confused with business class) isn’t something that everyone can afford, but to many, private jet charter flights is taking the idea of premium flying experience to a whole new level altogether. Nevertheless, no one will argue that both private flights and first class seats in a world class airline have their own unique charms. Having said that, this is a discussion that’s all set to determine a winner, so we must delve into a detailed comparison to find one. Before we move on to all that though, it should be made clear that not every situation is ideal for either mode of travel because the ideal option depends largely on the situation in question.

Which One is the More Cost-Effective Option?

While first class tickets to a world class airline are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, the general consensus is that hiring a private jet is even costlier. Is that really true? The answer is more complex than one would think.

If you compare the price of a single first class ticket or two to that private jet rental for a private flight, of course, the latter is going to seem a lot more expensive. However, if you count in the combined expenses of buying true first class tickets for all the members of the team that are going and then compare it to the expenses of private jet hire, things would start to make more sense. Now combine the cost of buying first class tickets for everyone, along with the cost of affording accommodation for everyone at a premium hotel for the night (because public flights will not fly whenever you want them to, of course!) to get a rough estimate of how much a company would have to shell out for the round trip. Since aircraft charter flights basically wait on you instead of being the other way around like it is with public flights, you can get back home with your team anytime you wish. This saves time and accommodation costs that over time will add up to significant savings in business expenses.

There was a time when private jet travel used to cater to a very limited client base due to costly membership plans and some even had fractional ownership agreements, which the client had to sign to first. However, Paramount Business Jets changed all that when they started to offer private jet hire and private jet rental services of their own that did not make it necessary for clients sign up for ridiculously expensive membership plans and agreements. Keep in mind that they are offering all this without sacrificing any of the world-class privileges, comforts, and conveniences for which private jet travel became popular in the first place. This has single-handedly been one of the reasons why aircraft charter flights have now managed to reach a much wider range of customers than ever before.

Are Private Jets the More Convenient Option?

People would think that hiring an entire jet for your traveling needs would be the more convenient option and they would be absolutely right. There are just so many advantages that passengers can enjoy on a private jet that first-class traveling simply cannot provide due to the very limitations of the system itself. To know what we are talking about here, take a look at the following points.

Your Jet Will Wait for You

Even if you are traveling first class, no public airline will delay a flight because of you. What this means is that you must work according to their time and arrive hours earlier at the airport for check-in and security purposes. On the other hand, not only can you literally arrive just a few minutes before the scheduled take-off time for your private jet charter flights, but they will actually reschedule the flight according to your convenience if you cannot make it in time.

There is No Queue

Airport queues and public security checks are unavoidable, whether you are traveling in first class or economy class because at the end of the day, everyone is going to travel on the same plane. If you go private, there is obviously no queue to delay you since you and your party are the only passengers who will be getting aboard that plane. This essentially makes it a safer way to travel as well.

You Can Bring Personal Items with You

Whether it’s a beloved pet, some important product samples for your business meeting, or just a guitar that you don’t like to part with while on long trips; you can bring them all on board the flight. The passengers might be allowed some privileges while traveling first class as well, but they are not nearly as expansive as the freedom you get on private flights. For example, you can specify the brand of liquor you would like to have on the flight, or even that special cake you need to celebrate a birthday in mid-air, inside a private jet!

Which One Saves More Time?

This is once again where aircraft charter flights are a better option than first-class travel. In spite of enjoying multiple exclusive privileges, every first-class passenger must travel together with the others and, therefore, the flight will maintain its own time. As private jets can be prepared in an hour’s notice and according to your personal schedule, there’s basically no competition here really. Also, layovers are one of the reasons why public flights take more time than they should, and since private jets have just one destination and one party to cater to, there’s no time wasted in breaks, except in emergency situations of course.


Time is of the essence when you are busy and reliability is an extension of that. It isn’t unlikely for flights to get cancelled for a various number of reasons and most of those reasons will never cancel a trip planned on a private jet. On the other hand, a first-class ticket is only as reliable as any public flight, which isn’t saying much really! Of course, the pilot can cancel a charter flight if he feels that it’s too dangerous or if something goes wrong with the aircraft, but those scenarios are so unlikely that you may never face one even if you are a frequent flier.

The X-Factor

Traveling in a first-class seat is certainly a sign that you are doing well, but if it’s the X-factor or the Wow-factor that you are looking for, there’s nothing in the aviation industry that beats arriving in a private jet to any occasion, be it business or personal. Not only does it speak volumes about your socio-economic status, it’s also seen as a sign of the fact that you are someone who values time above money, and from a professional perspective, that’s an image that will contribute towards your future growth.

It may sound unlikely, but the truth is that hiring private jets are just a better option than buying first-class tickets in almost every way. The only thing to keep in mind is that the number of people onboard the flight must be significant enough to justify the cost. In other words, if you have a moderate to large group traveling with you, private jet charter flights are by far, the best option.

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