Five Reasons To Jump On A Plane & Travel

by Julia on January 29, 2018

Travelling is one of the most popular ways of taking a break from your everyday life, and flying is definitely one of the quickest and most convenient ways of getting from A to B. From a quick hop across the country to a long-haul excursion to the other side of the world, air travel is something that allows you to spread your wings and experience an extraordinary variety of destinations across the globe.

It’s not without its possible pitfalls, but the majority of flights are completed on schedule and with no issues. In the event you do suffer from delayed flights, specialist compensation service websites such as will help with the claims process.  Before you fly, make sure you have everything you need to ensure the flight passes comfortably, and you don’t get bored. Take a magazine, a puzzle book, sleep mask, whatever works for you.

Making memories

Life is a collection of your memories, so it makes sense to experience as many memorable events and activities as you can. Travelling to other countries, seeing new natural wonders and living within other cultures can be one of the best ways of enriching your life and making lots of happy memories to treasure.

Challenging yourself

Without challenges, life can be pretty dull. Although you may face challenges of many kinds at work and home, setting yourself a goal like trekking the Andes is a way of pushing yourself to accomplish something you may not have thought possible. Achieving ambitions and living your dreams is a fantastic way to lead a more fulfilled life, as well as being good for both physical and mental health.


We live in a world that is more connected than ever before, constantly hearing about and seeing other countries, people and wildlife. Experiencing these countries first hand expands your knowledge and understanding of other cultures, and helps you to appreciate the realities of life around the world. It’s not unheard of for people to have life-altering experiences after travelling.

New Experiences

The human brain needs stimulation to function properly and to enable you to achieve what you desire out of life. Continually repeating the same old routines month after month, however pleasant and familiar they may seem, does nothing to expand your brain and make full use of your intelligence. Eating new food, talking to new people, exploring ancient architectures, all get the mind buzzing and rekindle your enthusiasm to embrace life.

Family history

Many families have relatives in other countries that they see infrequently or may never have met. Flying to Canada to meet the descendants of the uncle who emigrated in the 1950s is an opportunity to make new connections and strengthen family ties. There’s a good chance you will see photos of your relatives that you’ve never seen before, and learn things you never knew, on a genealogical-themed trip. It can also be a very moving experience to visit the part of the world from which your ancestors came, and learn about your heritage.


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