How to get an International Drivers License

by Julia on January 22, 2018

If you are a person that travels a lot and hates to take public transport or taxis, perhaps because it is too much of a bother then you probably drive a lot. However one of the most common issues you will face traveling around the world and wanting to drive your own car or maybe just a rented one, is having a valid driver’s license for that country, it can be really difficult in some cases and maybe you will have to wait a lot of time to have it. However out there are a few solutions you can have on hand to solve this tremendous issue.

You can actually apply for an international driver’s license online that is right! Because nothing is better than doing all work from home, in the comfort of your couch, this is the best option for you to assure you will be traveling around the place you need to be without any issue!

The international driving authority will provide your license in 29 available languages, the only main requirement you need for it is having your own valid driver’s license! You will never take a new test on this site, what a great deal.

But keep in mind the following, this is not the same as your own driver’s license, this document will yes, allow you to travel around any country in your car or in a rented one, however this document is a mere translation of your original driver’s license, so for sure will never replace the original document.

Knowing that, let’s jump onto what do you need to have this paper, is really easy actually, you need a photo of your valid driver’s license, your drivers information, but only the one that will be relevant, also you need to take a passport size photograph, and last but not least your signature and proof of the payment for your driver’s license application. Really easy right?

Now is really easy to have your license translated, and is even more easy to use this document, the first advantage of this IDL (International drivers license) is that you can rent a car in any location you might need to travel, in every single country you can use it as proof you can take well care of a rented car. Also, you can get a freeway if police stop you, you just need to show this document and your original driver’s license and everything will be just fine.

However due to taxes and shipping expenses this paperwork can be a little bit pricey, however, is completely worth it due to all the benefits you will receive from it, and also thanks of how easy is to achieve it, you will save a lot of time in return for it.

So now you, having this document can save you from so many tricky situations, and will be really useful in any country, if you are a traveler, you for sure need to have this one, what are you waiting for?

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