5 Great Places for Backpacking in Colorado

by Julia on January 22, 2018

Nothing feels quite as good as backpacking or hiking through new territory. Colorado is the perfect place to experience some new places with all its beauty. Feeling the breeze of wind in your hair at the top of a mountain can be very satisfying.

This is why you should aim for a hiking adventure in the very adventerous hiking trails of Colorado. From the very majestic peak trails to the more accommodating nature trails by the lake, there is something for everyone. From beginners to seasoned hikers who need a challenge. You can easily find one of the trails in Colorado to suit your liking.

This is why we came up with a list of the best places to go backpacking in Colorado.

Crater Lake

Though this is one of the easiest hike in all the trails it is also one of the most memorable. The trail head starts right at the beginning of the Maroon lake and it overlook the maroon bells. You can then enjoy breathtaking views all along the way till you arrive at the Crater lake. Though the lake is not visited often and is a great end to a fabulous trail filled with scenic moments and plenty of wildlife to watch. If you want to stay the night, there is a primitive campground at the end of the trail. Bring your sleeping bag and tent for a further backpacking adventure!

Butler Gulch

One of the most beautiful hikes for a beginner in summer is this trail on Butler Gulch. Nothing compares to ending the day in 5 mile hike that consists of a wild flower garden. Yes, a wild flower garden exists right at the end of the trail. You can see the Alpine lakes and take scenic photos while enjoying the low elevation trail.

Caribou Lake

This is more suited for the intermediate hiker. The 8 mile hike is great for those who want a multi use trail. You can go fishing while enjoying the amazing scenery in the area. If you are a photographer then you will appreciate the endless items and moments you will capture on this trail. You will enjoy views of the caribou lake below you at the top of the pass. On the left side you will see stunning views of Mount Neva.

Mount Elbert Peak

You can easily say you have been at the top of one of the biggest mountains and the highest point in all of Colorado. This peak can be climbed by almost anyone. The view from up top is surreal and there is nothing simple about that. If you only have time to goto one place, you may want to consider Elbert’s Peak!

 Blue Lakes Trail

Exploring the beauty of San Juan can be as simple as going on the Blue Lakes trail all you will need is to carry some supplies. You will need plenty of water and nutrient snacks in the way. Try protein snacks in the form of bars or nuts to keep your energy levels up. Enjoy the lush peaks and a whole lot of wild flowers on the trail. Take an extra day and spend it near the Alpine lakes.


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