What to Pack for a Caravan Holiday

by Julia on January 16, 2018

We may be still in the depths of winter at the moment, however spring isn’t too far away.  If you want to plan a family break for Easter, a caravan holiday can be a good choice.  Caravans are typically cheaper to rent for a week than a stay in a hotel, and as they usually have room for the whole family, there is plenty of space for children too.  If you’ve never been on a caravan holiday before, though, it can be hard to know what to pack.  In this article, we’re going to list some of the essentials so you won’t be left spending the first day of your trip looking for the closest department store.

The Basics

Most caravans don’t supply the basics as standard.  So, this means you’ll need to pack towels, toilet rolls, washing up materials, and possibly even a small kettle such as the travel design from VonShef.  Most of these items are things you probably already own, and you can always pick up a cheap travel kettle from Amazon.  It’s best to be prepared.  Depending on the type of caravan you have booked, you may also need to bring your own bed linen.  You can always enquire with the holiday provider as to whether this is needed or not.


Unless you want to go grocery shopping when you arrive, it’s a good idea to do a food shop before your holiday starts and take it with you.  Most caravan parks have an on-site shop that you can use for essentials like bread and milk, however these can be expensive.  Try and bring enough to last you for two or three days.  By this point, you should have got your bearings and know where the local supermarket is for when you need to stock up.


Lots of caravan parks have entertainment facilities, so you may find that the kids have enough to keep them entertained for the duration of your stay.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that the British weather doesn’t always cooperate and so you’ll need to have some activities planned for rainy days.  Tablets and portable DVD players can be a good option, but for a fun family time, consider packing some board games too.  These items can also be used on the car journey, especially if you are travelling long distance.

Holiday Essentials

Finally, you’ll also want to pack some holiday essentials such as a bucket and spade, a kite, beach clothes, bikes, swimming costumes and goggles, a frisbee, a football, and sunscreen.  You’ll likely have some space around your caravan where you can enjoy using these items, and some of the larger parks will also have football fields, basketball courts, and swimming pools that you can make use of while you are staying there.  Think about the kinds of things your children enjoy and where you are staying.  You could even ask them for their input!

Caravan holidays may be cheap, but they can also be tons of fun. Make sure you pack properly and you will have a great time!

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