How to Get a Better Night Sleep on a Hotel Mattress

by Julia on January 16, 2018

Sleeping in a hotel room may present particular challenges for some people. An unfamiliar environment, a different bed, a too soft or too firm mattress, strange noises and new scents – all those may chase away the much-needed rest of the traveler.

Most modern hotels usually invest in top quality beds and try to create a cozy atmosphere, but still, nothing compares to sleeping on your mattress, at home. Luckily, there are a few simple things any of us can do to turn the situation around. Let me outline some of them – they may be of help on your next trip:

Use extra pillows and blankets

If you feel that the mattress you’re going to sleep on is sagging, you won’t be able to enjoy a good rest. Ask the hotel staff to bring some extra pillows and blankets to your room; put them underneath the mattress. This ingenious move will provide more firmness and support for your body, and it will be a big help – according to try mattress – for back pain relief.

The extra pillows can have another employment, mainly if they provide different levels of stiffness. If you know that a lousy night sleep may give you severe pains, ask for complementary cushions; sometimes you can even find them already stocked in your room closet. Use the pillows to support those parts of your body which need stronger backing; thus, you will wake up feeling full of energy in the morning.

In case the mattress feels too rigid for you, ask for extra bed linen and put them on the mattress, below the sheets. That way, the bed won’t seem too hard to sleep on, even for several nights in a row.

Bring your own

If by any chance you’ve encountered these circumstances before, and the hotel wouldn’t provide the additional pillows or blankest, you may consider traveling with your own (it might seem an extra load to your luggage, but you’ll enjoy a well-deserved comfort). Or at least pack your sheets or pillowcase, if you have space. Their feel and scent are familiar to you, so they will help you unwind. I specifically suggest this solution for those of you with sensitive skin, worrying about the detergents and bleach used to clean the hotel linens.

Make-up improvements

Ask the hotel if they can provide a rollaway bed. Once you get it, take off its mattress (which is usually lightweight and easy to handle) and double it up on your bed. You’ll get a complete make-over of the bed, and you’ll feel more comfortable. If a rollaway bed is not available, demand a second duvet and place it between the mattress and the sheets. I’ve read about hotels already using this method to bring more coziness to their beds.

Invest in your comfort

Maybe you don’t need to take your sheets or pillowcase with you, but you could pack a memory foam mattress pad and take it with you at the hotel. The newest models roll up smoothly, and they require little space. You just put it on the hotel mattress, and you’ll enjoy a peaceful and healthy sleep. If you can’t carry it with you, there’s another thing you could do: buy a foam topper from any store (the cheapest one is the so-called “egg carton” type). Place it on the mattress: it will make you feel well-supported and comfortable. Do a good deed when you head out: leave the foam topper at the hotel, as a gift – maybe somebody else will need it, some other time.

All these solutions are within your reach, no matter where you are and what hotel accommodates you. A good rest is vital when you’re traveling, so if you’re the type of person who finds it hard to sleep in a new place, don’t be shy to use any of the suggested ideas to make your stay more enjoyable – and to get a kick out of your trip!



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