How to Truly Experience Nature and Wildlife When Traveling

by Julia on January 12, 2018

When traveling, it can become easily overwhelming. After all, we want to fit as much as possible in a small timeframe, and experience everything and anything without lingering. With cheap flights available and more opportunity to see the world nowadays, jetting off and exploring country after country is becoming a realistic dream for many. Yet, how do you ensure you see it all, without missing a thing, especially when it comes to nature and wildlife?

Think Before Your Departure

The temptation to book flights for as soon as possible is mighty, but packing your bags and arriving at your destination without knowing what to expect is an ungodly mistake. To see it all, you, first of all, need to know what there is to see. For instance, if you want to experience whale watching in Vancouver Island, you need to determine the best time to go. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing it altogether. Know when the whale migration is underway to avoid disappointment.

The same logic applies when determining what animals you wish to encounter. Certain species can only be seen in certain places and climates. So, if you want to see the infamous quokka, then you’ll have to head to Rottnest Island, an island off Perth, Australia. For orangutans and gibbons, then The Danum Valley, Borneo is your ideal location, and for grizzlies, moose and wolves, you’ll want to head to the Yellowstone National Park in the US.

Book Tours and Safaris

Sometimes the best sights and experiences require organized tours. While this can seem like a chore to many, as they’d rather go it alone, by booking a slot on a tour or safari, you have a better chance of coming into contact with the wildlife and nature you so desperately wish to witness – plus, it may be safer, too! For those of you who wish to see big cats in Africa, then a safari is an easy way to spot them, without having to trek and hike yourself, possibly putting yourselves at risk. Plus, with many conservations, organized activities are the only way you could witness such wildlife, due to restrictions, health and safety and risk of extinction to certain species.

Consider Specialized Vacation Packages

Similar to booking tours, booking specialized vacation packages could provide you with the certain experiences you’re looking for and wanting to see. Certain hotels or hostels will be knowledgeable in specific fields, and by booking rooms with them, they may be able to book you into tours that’ll guarantee certain experiences. For example, if you want to see wild giraffes, then booking a room at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya could be an otherworldly experience you’re unlikely ever to forget. Other notable hotels include the Treehotel in Sweden, where you stay in a treehouse located in the pine forest around Harads, as well as the Icehotel in Sweden, and the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finnish Lapland, which is a resort of cubic chalets with a wide north-facing window, ideal for combining comfort when viewing the spectacular Northern Lights.

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