Staying Healthy While Travelling to Asian Countries

by Julia on December 4, 2017

Asia is one of the biggest continents and is at the third spot when it comes to being the world’s largest land area. Since it is close to the equator, many Asian countries have a hot and humid weather most of the year. That’s why Asian countries might have some unexpected health surprises for you in store because of its weather and lifestyle.

Many people who travel to Asia find it amazing, but often come back with some kind of bug. Your Legal Friend holiday sickness claims show that a large number of claims are in fact related to Asia, which shows how important it is to be careful when traveling to Asia.

Travelling to Asian countries is fun and with a population of more than 4.4 billion, there are some health precautions that you need to take.

Keep High on Fluids Consumption

Around 60% of travelers are prone to getting traveler’s diarrhea. That’s because Asia is one of the most polluted continents and poses various kinds of risk concerns.

To avoid catching traveler’s diarrhea and other stomach related diseases, one should consume as much fluids as they can. In case, you do get diarrhea then make sure you’re avoiding caffeine and dairy products or it may worsen the illness. Drinking fresh fruit juices, lots of bottled water and soups is a good choice when you are travelling to Asian countries.

Look Out For Infections

Since we know that Asia is a hot continent, any cuts or wounds may cause severe infections. Getting minor injuries while travelling to Asia is common. A person may get a cut while carrying goods or walking among a crowd. Now, these small cuts may turn into bigger problems because of the humidity and hot weather. The bacteria in the environment may cause an infection on the cut.

Therefore, keep close attention to minor injuries such as cuts. If you get any, dress them as soon as you can and get them cleaned.

Many Asian countries have many beaches. There may be many rocks and corals lying under water so make sure to cover your feet properly in order to avoid injuries.

Beaches sure are fun but they might not be as clean as you think. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun bathing in the sea waves, you can. But, make sure that you apply a sun block while you’re sunbathing so that you don’t get any sun burns on the skin. Other than that, make sure that you have a quick bath after you’re done bathing.

Food Precautions

You’ll have plethora of eating options when you set foot in any Asian country. However, they may not be as hygienic as you think. Therefore, make sure you wash your hands before and after eating outside and use bottled water rather than tap water.


Travelling to Asian countries require travelers to be cautious about their health, especially when it comes to food and water.



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