Want To Travel More While Enjoying A Flourishing Career? Be a Travelling Nurse

by Julia on November 20, 2017


Even though travel nursing is not technically a vacation, we’d like to think some blurred lines exist to make room in the business for some pleasure when you are travelling as a nurse rather than working as a travel nurse in a surgery.

Travel nurses are busy, busy individuals but their field offers a flexible and exciting way to see the world, while continuously advancing in career and professional network. If you are considering leaving your traditional nurse job to become a travel nurse, here are some benefits of this career to help you decide.

You get to interact with different cultures

As you travel for work, your job will involve going to and interacting with cultures of different regions. Exposure to cultures of the different organisations and places you work in will help you learn communication skills, local norms, values and customs, which can help your career flourish. Many employers in the field of travel nursing employment look for cultural competency in potential employees because it adds value to their organisations.

In addition, travel nurses are exposed to a wide range of highly diverse work environment because distinct cultural practices can influence how a patient is treated. The more opportunities you encounter to interact with and experience new cultures, the better for your nursing career overall.

Access to housing options and opportunities

Housing options for travel nurses range from extended stays at hotels or motels to fully furnished apartments. While some travellers choose to take the housing allowance and find an apartment of their choice, others prefer to stay in the housing provided by the agency to avoid dealing with accommodation issues when they reach their destinations. All housing is private unless you want a roommate or are travelling with a friend.

Many of the big travel companies offer their own professional housing department so that the nurses can feel safe, comfortable and relaxed during their assignment. They provide access to information about the best place to live that would suit you and the experiences you desire to have.

Some housing options include furnishings, cable and other amenities so that all you have to do is bring your clothing and personal stuff. Just like Anna, one of the travel nurses with Gifted Healthcare says, she doesn’t have to deal with the responsibilities and routine life that comes with a permanent home and having a traditional nine to five.

Job security and career growth

You probably already know that there is a high demand for nurses, and that it will remain so for years to come. Consequently, there are often shortages in some areas. Travelling nurses are therefore temporarily stationed in such areas to help out and fill the void. This ensures there’s better compensation for travel nurses than ever before, and you can have the opportunity to make more money than your stationary counterparts.

This chance is even bigger if you have a speciality or can work overtime. Such financial freedom can allow you save money for a large expense like buying a home, or paying off student loans.

If you have plans to climb up the ladder in the field of nursing, spending time as a travel nurse will provide you with the opportunity to experience different sides of the nursing profession in a short period of time. Such experience will be helpful in guiding your decision about the direction of career advancement you want to pursue.

You’ll hone your nursing skills and improve in other areas

Travel nursing will allow you to dabble in a wide range of areas, so that you will hone your nursing skills. In addition, you’ll develop other valuable skills from your experiences encountering an assortment of different people and situations. Some of these skills include becoming easily adaptable, learning to think critically and effective communication.

This means that in addition to getting your RN degree, which you’ll need before you can become a travel nurse, you’ll also have some on-the-job training under your belt. When making applications to future nursing jobs, you’ll have these experiences and practical skills to draw upon that will help you on the job. Also, you can be confident that as soon as you are ready to settle in one place and take a permanent position, you’ll be adequately prepared.

You can still live a full life

There are so many popular misconceptions about travel nursing, one of which is that you’ll be secluded while on assignment. This should not be an issue to worry about because becoming a travel nurse does not mean you’ll be completely leaving your life behind.

A lot of nurses take assignments close to home, and with the highly flexible schedule travel nursing offers, there’s plenty of time to visit your loved ones when you need to.

Furthermore, some assignments offer the option to extend for longer periods, which can be beneficial to you, the hospital you are with and your travel nursing agency. So, if you are in love with your current location you can stay on and experience more of your favourite activities.

The unique bonuses of travel nursing include flexibility, friendships, experience, and of course, travel. Choosing to become a travel nurse can earn you the same feeling of freedom that being a traveller affords.

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