Travel essentials: Malaysia

by Julia on November 20, 2017


Malaysia is well-known for its colourful cultural blend, and this can only be surpassed by the diversity and beauty of the landscapes travellers will find here. However, let’s keep out head on our shoulders and admit that planning the perfect trip is far from being a piece of cake. But it’s totally worth it. In order to plan the perfect trip, you only need to keep in mind some generalities and never forget about those important things that will allow you in the first place to reach this destination: getting a Malaysia tourist visa. Keep reading if you want to find out more about the essentials you should bring with you!

1. First things first – Get your travel visa

The Malaysian Government’s efforts of boosting the tourism in the area have translated into an easier process of getting a Malaysia Entri Visa, with lower fees and a better return. Nowadays, you must apply for a visa with 20 days before, if you opt for 30 days eVisa or 15 days eVisa, or with 2 to 5 days for a Malaysia eNTRI visa. The costs have lowered as well, and applicants must follow a relatively easy process. For getting a visa, you must contact a company specialised in offering such services, fill up a form, send the necessary documents (if you have questions regarding the necessary documents, there are always consultants willing to help), make a partial payment (approximately 10%), confirm your visa on the government’s site and then pay the rest of your fee. See? Easy, now make sure to get the visa.

2. Consider the weather

In terms of weather, the climate usually revolves around 30 degrees Celsius all around the year. However, you should keep in mind that between February and September, it’s the monsoon season, which brings with it heavy rain and violent winds. This phenomenon takes place in the northeast area of the country, so during that time you should probably consider visiting the west part.

3. Book a low-cost flight

Generally, the costs for reaching the destination are quite high. But Air Asia makes sure that “Now everybody can fly” and you should definitely profit from this. However, since it is a low-cost airline, the luggage which you can bring is quite limited, so keep in mind this small aspect. Pack lightly and you will most certainly be fine.

4. Worry not about linguistic limitations

Many fear of visiting exotic locations due to lack of knowledge in terms of native language notions. However, being an enormous touristic hub, you can be sure that English is widely spoken in this country. Everybody knows it and you will find it easy to communicate.

These are some of the most important aspects one should bear in mind when planning to visit Malaysia. The country will certainly impress you, being an astounding blend of old and new, a blend of different cultures, which resulted into one of the main reasons for which this country is so popular for tourists across the world.

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