4 Side Hustles to Pay for Your Dream Trip

by Julia on September 4, 2017

We all have a dream destination we want to visit – unfortunately while we may have enough vacation time to go; most of us are also short the money to pay for it. Times are tough, and between student loans, car payments and cable, your paycheck is getting stretched to the limit.

If your current gig isn’t covering more than the bills, with nothing left over for living, try your hand at one of these side hustles to sock away the cash you need to take the trip you want. With a little persistence and hard work; you might hustle yourself right out of a job and into a successful business.

Create an App

App development is hot right now, and app developers get paid whether they create a hit or not. If you’re good at coding or are willing to learn; you could make a pretty penny with this side hustle. Even better – you can easily work while traveling, refilling your coffers while spending time someplace new and exciting.

Check out these great (and free) online courses at Harvard, Stanford and Khan Academy to help you learn everything you need to get started.

If you just want good old hands-on practice making IOS and Android apps, there are loads of online tutorials that let you learn by practice. Try Scratch; this website teaches kids how to code animation, games, music and more. Scratch is great for adults with no tech background because coding is explained very simply.

Sell Sweet Treats

Is baking your forte? Are you aware of what people are willing to pay for artisanal cupcakes or a bespoke wedding cake? Baking could be the perfect side hustle to make your dream destination a reality!

Your co-workers could be your first customers. Bring in samples of your best confections and build a reputation for being the go-to person for anything from fried dough to diabolical chocolate creations – then start offering your services for birthdays, dinner parties and social functions of all kinds.

Finally, once you’ve gotten a few successful orders under your belt; contact local restaurants, cafés, and even bakeries. Let them know what you can do to add value to their business with you unique take on a variety of baked goods.

Try Direct Sales

Amway was the original side hustle and is still one of the most famous ways for somebody to make money on the side (and start a profitable business). Amway can give you both an extra income and a way to earn money even while you’re enjoying a weeks-long holiday anywhere in the world. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote Amway products from wherever you are in the world.

Sound too good to be true? Check this CBS News Money Watch story.

Amway is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of being an employee and a business owner while providing erstwhile world travelers the income to live their dreams.

Use Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the success of companies like Amazon or Nutrisystem? Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to partner with some of the most famous brands and collects a commission for every item sold through your affiliate link.

Devote the time and effort into building a reputable website about topics related to the products your partner sells and you could make a passive income that will pay for your travel dreams.


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