Things to do in Cuba

by Julia on September 4, 2017

Cuba is a country with a very fascinating history – of wars, drug lords and freedom. Across Cuba, you can visit more than 265 museums, 70 theatres and 120 art museums and that’s just a scratch on the surface.

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Dancing in the streets

Where in your wildest dreams could you have thought about crazy dancing right in the middle of the street? Well, in Cuba, it’s okay to dance your heart out. A Callejon de Hemel is normal for an ordinary Cuban and spontaneous music played in the street will automatically make your feet make the moves. The Cuban Rumba dance has always been a hypnotic draw for tourists to the country and is also the best way to get sucked into the culture – rather than visiting the nightclubs.

Learn to roll your own Cigar

Smoking a cigar is a must when in Cuba and it’s not just about the photographic evidence of your exploits that you would want to show to people back home. The Cuban countryside rolls cigars are exported all over the world. It is from here that the raw material is transported to Havana and the most expensive cigar is born! You can choose to be a part of an organized tour or just plainly look around. The Partagos Factory is a must if you are planning to witness the best cigars!

Find out the convex lens at Havana

When in Havana, check out the Camera Obscura from Da Vinci. It offers a super cool view through its huge convex lens. In fact, this is the only way to get the best panoramic view of the cool Havana country, making your experience, nothing less than marvelous. For many, it might come as a strange experience but anyhow, very recommended!

Dress in the Che Guevara costume

When in Cuba, you will have no dearth of opportunity to get close to the one personality that the world loves. Super cool and awesome as he was, you can dedicate a part of your travel to his exploits by donning the Che Guevara costume. This is a place where Che is worshipped like nowhere else in the world. If that hasn’t been enough, pay a visit to the Plaza de la Revolucion. The museums and mausoleums speak out of the guerilla movement and about the country’s freedom.

Drink mojitos to your heart’s desire

Cuba is the birthplace of everything pleasurable. When asking for a mojito, make sure that it includes the famed Havana Club Rum. There are several places that will serve your mojitos all day long but do also keep an eye for a place that also includes a live band. The experience would be amazing.

Grab a mojito and check out these cool things that can turn your Cuba trip into a really awesome adventure.

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