10 Destinations in India For Solo Travellers

by Julia on June 15, 2017


Always planning to explore the wonders of India even though you never really had a travel group? Then now is the time to set your soul free and embark on an incredible solo journey. Moreover, don’t you worry yourself with the ultimate question— where should I go? — Because holidays in India are vibrant and diverse; so here we have chalked out a list of 10 Indian destinations for Solo Travellers. Go ahead and pick up the place that strikes your fancy. So, pack your bags and get going and enjoy a more comfortable and hassle-free trip.

God’s Own Garden- Mawlynnong

Now that you have embarked on a solo journey, why not take the road less travelled to explore the untouched beauties of India? With its sparkling waterfalls, natural root bridges and spellbinding village, this blissful paradise situated around 100km from Shillong was crowned the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. Interestingly, it also marks 100% literacy with villagers conversing in English. These fascinating facts are enough to enrapture that travel bug inside you.

Gateway of the Ganges- Rishikesh

A popular weekend destination for the Delhiites craving for adventurous sports like river rafting, bungee jumping, and trekking, Rishikesh is also a hub for backpackers seeking spiritual liberation through yoga and meditation.

The French Connoisseur- Pondicherry

Want to feel the French connection in India? Then Pondicherry is the perfect travel gateway for your solo trip. Offering a unique blend of modern heritage and spiritual culture, the French colony with its enticing architecture and myriad of cafés can be a delight to your wanderlust soul.

Mystical Mountains-Ladakh  

Riding the shining Royal Enfield and taking a road trip to Ladakh— a coveted dream bringing goosebumps to every solo traveller. Ladakh is truly a mystical land with colourful prayer flags, majestic beauty of the Himalayas, and the enigmatic monasteries attracting the travellers worldwide.

Nestled in Nature’s Embellishments- Darjeeling 

Ah! Another enchanting land crowned with fascinating green hills adorned by tea gardens. You definitely won’t want to miss the adorable train passing through this picturesque landscape whose engine’s sounds matches up to your excited heart beats.

The Golden City- Jaisalmer

One of the majestic maestros of Royal land of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is popular for its magnificent forts, far-stretched desert and culture kaleidoscope that can capture your attention with its vibrancy and affluence. Don’t forget to enjoy the lip-smacking food and adventures of dune bashing and off-roading at the Sam Sand Dunes!

Tracing Ancient Glory- Khajuraho

If you love archaeological architecture and feel attracted by the stories of the ancient Kingdoms of India, then you must visit Khajuraho temples built in 10th and 11th centuries by the Chandela Rajput dynasty. Located in “Hindustan Ka Dil”, i.e., Madhya Pradesh, the temples have artistic excellence in the architectural style decorated with elaborately carved sculptures.

Switzerland of India- Auli

A not-so-popular but amazingly beautiful destination, Auli is slowly coming into the tourism market for its fascinating ski resorts and stunning scenic spectacles. So, before it gets mushroomed with the bustling tourists take some days off and enjoy yourself!

The Youngster’s Gateway- Goa

Who wouldn’t want to go for that evergreen trip to Goa? Nobody, right! So, we advise you to pack your bags and just follow your heart. Quench your wander-thirst with the splashing waves and drown yourself in the relaxed life of Goa.

Grandeur of Mother Nature- Wayanad

Living a dull life and chasing the useless targets all day, this is the point at which the life at metropolitan cities has come to. You long for a fresh breeze reminding you of the beauty that is hidden in the bliss of life. It’s time to go solo into nature’s wonderland- Wayanad. Tuck yourself in the lap of nature and soothe your soul under the azure canvas of the clear sky with birds chirping the melodious tune spreading tranquillity all over the picturesque landscape.

Now that you have this amazing list of places right at one place, be sure of making the most out of your solo journey by exploring every nook and corner of the destination you picked to give holidays in India a new dimension.

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