Why Alaska is Perfect for Experienced Adventure Holiday-Makers

by Julia on June 15, 2017

Consider yourself somewhat of an experienced adventure holiday-maker? It can be hard to find destinations that give you the same thrill once you have travelled to many places around the world, but one that is somewhat of a hidden gem is Alaska.

The largest and most sparsely populated U.S state and found in the isolated location to the northwest of Canada, not many adventure seekers travel here but those that do will have dozens of incredible stories to share. Here are just a few reasons that this should be the top of your list for your next adventure holiday.

Stunning Terrain

Due to its amazing location, Alaska boasts some of the world’s most incredible terrain to explore. This includes endless tundra, towering electric blue glaciers, thick forests, green meadows, virgin lakes and much, much more. This raw and wild natural beauty makes it a very rewarding yet challenging place to explore – the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure.

Rare Wildlife

With such incredible terrain and due to the fact that it is sparsely populated, you will also find an abundance of striking, majestic and rare wildlife here. Brown bears, moose, caribou, polar bears, bison, orcas, bald eagles and humpback whales all call Alaska home. You can see these in their natural habitat when you book your holiday with organisers like Trek America. These places can arrange expeditions into the National Parks and other areas so that you can safely explore.

Thrilling Activities

These companies can also arrange an array of exhilarating activities. This could include hikes, camping trips, climbing a glacier, cruises along the fjords, dogsledding, helicopter trips and kayaking just to name a few. These will provide even the toughest of adventure seekers with a surge of adrenaline and arm them with many great stories to share.

Charming Towns

Although getting out in nature makes up a lot of an adventure holiday, you will find that the best adventures also involve visiting different towns and speaking to the locals. There are many wonderful, charming and inviting towns in Alaska that are unlike anywhere else in the world due to its surreal location. The Alaskan people are a key part of what makes this such a magical destination.

If you like adventure and unique destinations then you cannot go wrong with the wild, untamed and beautiful state of Alaska. It features some of the most breathtaking terrain and wildlife on the planet, but you will also find the people and culture to be just as fascinating in this isolated destination.

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