On the Web Wherever They Go: Top Ideas for Techie Travelers

by Julia on January 18, 2017

Today’s technology can let anyone become a “techie” traveler: there are so many devices, apps, and accessories that you can find nearly anything you would want to help make your travels a little easier and lot more advanced.

Developers and inventors have spent years trying to figure out the many ways that technology can help travels anywhere in the world, and now there are thousands of things that any traveler can use to make their adventure more enjoyable. Using these items can make your travel less stressful, so you can focus on taking in the local cultures and trying new experiences. Here are a few of those items that you may want to check out before you head off on your next adventure.


A Great Travel Hoodie

Hoodies are some of the most comfortable travel-wear you can own, and now there is one that is specifically designed with travelers in mind.

The SCOTTeVEST is a great wearable that will keep all of your belongings safe in comfort and style. The hoodie has 10 hidden pockets so you can stash keys, cash and other personal items. It also has a personal area network built into it so you can stay connected wherever you go, and there are loops so you can embed your earbuds into the hoodie itself.

The hoodie is designed to distribute all of the weight of your belongings and devices across the entire garment, making it much more comfortable than traditional hoodies.


A Portable Charger

If you’re a true techie traveler, chances are you will be using your smartphone and other mobile devices to take photos, find local hangouts and spend your downtime browsing. If that’s the case, you will want to look into getting a portable power station.

Devices like this one are designed to keep your devices connected and running for days. You simply charge the station with a regular USB and plug, and then you will have up to 10 hours of spare battery power. You can plug the power station into a device while you are using to save battery life, or you can recharge it when it runs low for a quick jolt. You can even charge two devices at the same time.


A Great Weather App

No matter where you travel to, you will want to know what the weather will be like once you arrive. Weather Live Free from Apalon Apps for Android is a great weather companion that give you everything you need to know about the weather.

The app has temperature and the “feels like” temperature; the wind speed and direction; humidity levels; and even the sunrise and sunset times. You can use the up-to-the-minute weather radar to keep an eye on any weather systems moving in or out of your area. There is also a widget that gives you all of the information on your homescreen.


Next time you travel, check out these devices and apps and see if you like being a techie traveler.


Jonathan Talbot writes about travel. He’s a digital nomad who gave up the 9-5 lifestyle to travel fulltime 2 years ago. Read his articles on a range of travel blogs.

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