Ways to Make Money While You Travel

by Julia on November 18, 2016

The United States Navy offers you the incredible opportunity to “See The World” and get paid for it while you do. You might not be down with the idea of joining the United States Armed Forces for four to six years and have no guarantees of seeing anything outside of Norfolk, Virginia. You may also have realized by now that a lot of employers seem to have this thing with their employees being gone for extended periods of time. They tend to continue that absence for you by firing you instead. As you know, travel is not cheap, flights, lodging, and food aren’t typically given away, so how can you be a world traveler, and earn money while you do it.

Work for a cruise line

Cruise ships offer a way to see the world and earn a reasonable amount of money at the same time. Besides the jobs that support the operation of the vessel, customer support positions are the primary occupations on the ships. From the executive positions that organize the daily activities on board to dishwashers, there are hundreds of available positions available. There are even jobs available through service providers. Park West Gallery offers onboard art auctions with positions for Auctioneers, Preparators, Associates, and Gallery Directors. How cool would it be to fill two passions, being involved in the art world while traveling the world?

Service industry

Hotels, bars, and restaurants worldwide are always looking for individuals who are motivated workers. It may be teaching English, selling timeshares, or slinging drinks, but this is an excellent way to meet local workers, learn languages, and make money as you go along. If you have a particular talent, maybe you are a musician, you can use that skill to support yourself in a variety of these locations. Leverage your talent for a time, save up your money, then part ways on good terms.

Construction work

If you are handy in any trade, enough so that you could walk into any construction site and pick up how they work pretty quickly, you can do very well in many countries. Trades that don’t require some level of certification with a national organization are your best chance. Carpenters, masons, even manual labor positions are relatively easy to obtain, especially if you speak the language.

Yacht transport

Crewing on boats that need to be transported can take you into ports less traveled. Positions from crew to captain are available depending on your experience. You may have the opportunity to serve on a variety of vessels in an incredible array of conditions.


Maybe you have been gifted with the ability to teach others anything. If you are exceptionally good at something, dance, music, art, you can turn your knowledge into a supporting level of pay. English as a second language teachers are needed worldwide, and the certification for it is relatively easy to get.

So if you have a jones for traveling, but can’t do it without working your way through it, these options are just a start for the motivated person. If you look hard enough, you can find many ways to support your trip around the world.

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