What is one of the most overlooked areas when planning a holiday?

by Julia on November 14, 2016

No one gets everything exactly right. We all mess up every now and then (some of us more than others) but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There are people out there that want to help you: they want to help you plan the best holiday ever and take care of all of your worries. If you’re planning a holiday, or have any intention of planning one in the future, take a gander at some of these things that we all overlook when planning our holidays:

Adaptors and chargers

You  probably come back from holiday every year with three or four brand new adaptors and say to yourself – as you store them in the draw that contains the other 50 adaptors in your collection – ‘I’ll definitely remember to bring them next time’. Deep down, though, you know you’re lying. You know that next year it’ll happen all over again: you’ll turn up at the hotel, pull out your phone charger and, plug in hand, you’ll stare at that two pronged socket in resigned disbelief that you did it again. It’s not your fault. Everyone does it. Adaptors and chargers are probably the most common things we overlook when we go on holiday. There’s no definite way to make sure you remember to pack them, but one way to do it is to keep your chargers and adaptors in your hand luggage rather than your suitcase. Get yourself a small, extra bag just for them and keep all of your electronic bits and bobs together in the same place.

Airport parking

Don’t pretend you’re not one of those people because you know you are. We’ve all done it. We’ve gone to bed at 7pm and woken up at 3am to get to the airport, driven all the way there and then, upon reaching the parking lot, gape in horror upon realising that you didn’t book a parking space. You didn’t even think about it. You just thought you could wing it. How very wrong you were. Now you’re pulling out your phone and trying to get on the airport Wi-Fi so you can ask Google what to do. Well, if you don’t want that happening again you should book in advance. As soon as you know when your flight is, get on the internet and go to the sight that compares airport parking companies’ prices. You can book your parking spaces online, choose what sort of parking package you need, and the earlier you reserve your parking the cheaper your prices will be. Don’t leave it until the night before, next time.

Emergency clothes

It never rains in Spain, right? Wrong! Sometimes it does. Sometimes rain comes to the party uninvited and he brings his friends, Mr Thunder and Mrs Lightening, and they’ve not been getting on very well as of late. Unexpected weather can be very sudden and very traumatic when you’re on holiday. Suddenly it’s cold, windy and rainy, and the only clothes you packed are flip flops and shorts. Surely you have space in your suitcase – somewhere under the ten murder-mystery novels and thirty silk kaftans – to fit just one warm jumper and maybe a pair of trainers. You won’t regret it. Nothing makes you feel prouder of yourself than being the only person smart enough to pack a pair of jeans when it suddenly starts snowing in July.

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