The Best Travel Apps for Android Users

by Julia on October 5, 2016


Packing for your travels can be a stressful time and there’s always that added pressure of making sure that there’s nothing you’ve forgotten.

However as most physical items will likely be remembered at some point, especially as you’re sitting there trying to crush down your overly packed luggage in order to successfully zip it back up, many people forget about loading their smartphone or tablet device with useful travel apps to hold them in good stead for each stage of their journey.



Whilst it’s a fantastically good app to use when searching for flights before you’ve even set foot on a plane, Skyscanner is still a handy app worth keeping on your smartphone especially if you have extended travel plans and intend to visit other destinations.

The app allows you to search thousands of available flights in no time at all giving you the best routes and more importantly the lowest prices around. You don’t even need to leave to make a booking as you can do so directly through the app. It’ll even take care of your hotel booking if you need it.



With so many hotel booking services online nowadays it can be quite overwhelming to pick a suitable app that will let you search through a wide range of available hotels, B&Bs, apartments and privately rented homes and pluck out the best offers for you.

The Owners Direct App is one of the easiest to use and within a few taps you can sniff out the perfect accommodation for your entire trip. There are more than a million rental locations to pick from in over 190 countries and the app can get you in touch directly with any of them.


Now that you’ve found your ideal flight package it’s just a case of waiting around before you can head off into the air. Unfortunately when it comes to international flights there will no doubt be a lot of waiting.

Thankfully with LoungeBuddy that dreaded waste of time could become something much more relaxing and relevant. Once you sign up on the app and you qualify you’ll be entitled to special private lounges in over 900 airports worldwide.



Here’s an app that will certainly go a long way in helping you get around when you have eventually reached your destination!

Chances are it’s already sitting on your smartphone so you won’t even have to worry about installing it but Google Maps is a very popular and accurately produced map app that will be able to guide you when you’re walking, driving and travelling around an area anywhere in the world that you may not be overly familiar with. You’ll be able to find restaurants, museums and other attractions in the area using the app as you get around and you’ll even be able to plan your routes ahead of time.

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