5 Road Trips to Add to Your Australian Bucket List

by Julia on October 12, 2016


There are a handful of countries in the world where it truly is a shame to have to fly to get around. Australia is certainly one of them, because though it is a staggeringly massive place, you’ll find all kinds of hidden gems as you explore the many miles of winding road.

So, whether you live in Australia or you’re just visiting, don’t miss the chance to hop in the back of a sturdy car, put your favourite tunes, and take an epic road trip. You’ll encounter dramatic coastlines, spectacular wildlife scenes, and incredible natural beauty.

If you need a little inspiration, here are some great ideas for your Aussie road trip of a lifetime.

Consult a mobile mechanic

Before you start planning your epic adventure, it’s a good idea to find yourself a reliable mobile mechanic. That way, if anything does go wrong, you’ve got a good chance of being fully operational again in a matter of hours.

1.     Great Ocean Road, Victoria

This route is commonly hailed as one of the best drives in the country. The Great Ocean Road, in Victoria, straddles the coast and treats adventurers to some of the most breathtaking views to be found anywhere in the world. It passes the iconic 12 Apostles; dramatic limestone stacks that rise up out of the sea. This road trip is a great choice for travellers who want to experience some of the finest beaches in Australia.

2.     Sydney to Melbourne

The journey between Sydney and Melbourne makes for a beautiful drive, as it takes in coastal scenes, a host of pretty seaside towns, several national parks, and a glittering turquoise lagoon. You’ll also find a variety of wild camping spots if you’re keen to catch a spectacular sunset and sleep beneath the stars. Just watch out for the kangaroos. They can really take a driver by surprise on these roads.

3.     The Nullarbor Plain, South Australia

This is a slightly longer road trip, so you’ll need several days and accommodation plans or camping gear. You’ll set off from Ceduna, in South Australia, and drive west to Perth. The journey is a little different to those that you’ll find at the coast. It represents the slightly pricklier, tougher side of the country. It is still extremely beautiful, but it swaps tides for wooded hills and dry, parched plains. Expect plenty of ‘roos’ and lots of giant wedge-tailed eagles.

4.     Heritage Highway, Tasmania

The Heritage Highway stretching between Hobart and Launceston was constructed by convict work gangs during the 1800s. Historically, it was a favourite haunt of dastardly highwaymen and travellers took it at their own risk. Nowadays, the route is much more peaceful and takes in rolling hills and the most exquisite stone villages. If you’re looking for Australian cuisine that will blow you away, this is the region to get it.

5.     Kangaroo Island, South Australia

To reach Kangaroo Island, you’ll have to catch the SeaLink ferry from Adelaide. Or, you can travel across on foot and hire a vehicle when you get there. You’ll find a surprisingly large amount of road to explore here and a number of potential routes. If you pass by Flinders Chase National Park, you can find your inner Attenborough and watch the koalas sleeping in the trees. This is a good itinerary for intrepid adventurers who want to mix it up a little and combine driving with a rugged nature walk or two.

Why Preparation is the Key to All Successful Road Trips

A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to road trips and nowhere is this truer than in Australia. If you’re new to the country or you’re planning your first road trip, it is essential that you take your safety seriously. This means keeping emergency numbers close at hand; especially one for a mobile mechanic. While breakdowns are common and usually nothing to worry about, they can become a big problem if you don’t have access to help.

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