Short vs. Long Haul Flights: The Battle Continues

by Julia on September 23, 2016

Let’s face facts; when appraising the difference between short and long haul flights, the latter are often viewed in a negative light. This is indicative of our impatience in the digital age, while it is also built on the misconceptions concerning budget, longer-haul flights that have persisted for generations.

Ultimately, the preference for either short or long haul flights is an entirely personal one, while many will argue that this has little or no bearing on the holiday that you are about to enjoy. Flying to your chosen destination is part and parcel of international travel, however, and a difficult or uncomfortable journey can have a negative impact on your trip.

Short vs. Long Haul Flights: Why the Latter May Actually Be Better

In this respect, it would be reasonable to assume that short haul flights are advantageous. After all, they last no longer than six hours, meaning that you spend minimal time in the air and can reach your destination quicker. Historically, the brief nature of short haul flights also meant that comfort was less of a pressing concern, enabling travellers to invest in budget airfares and save more of their hard-earned money.

While this may seem like a compelling argument for short haul flights, however, it does not take into account that nature of longer fares and the changes that have taken place in the industry during the last decade.

Firstly, the quality and value proposition of cheap long haul flights have improved immeasurably in recent times, thanks to the effort of leading travel providers like As a result of their specialism, even budget long haul flights now offer additional leg room and improved levels of comfort to passengers, while also delivering a range of touch-screen entertainment options including films, music and the latest television shows. For those who enjoy flying, long haul journeys also provide an opportunity to relax and rewind ahead of their trip, while building a keen sense of anticipation about the adventures that await them.

In it for the Long Haul: Are Britons beginning to Prefer Long Haul Flights?

These factors are having a seminal impact in the market, as is the fact that the proliferation of international travel has created a generation of passengers who are increasingly comfortable flyers. This is reflected by the fact that almost half of all British holidaymakers are planning to book long-haul trips this year, with flights to the US the most popular. As tastes change and the misconceptions surrounding budget, long haul flights are exposed, we are seeing exciting new trends in international travel.

With people travelling overseas more frequently than ever before, they are seeing more of the world and constantly seeking out new holiday destinations. This is forcing holidaymakers to travel further in the quest for adventure, which is why long haul flights to exotic locations such as Las Vegas, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi have enjoyed such pronounced growth in recent times. We should expect this trend to continue for the near-term at least, as long haul flights begin to achieve the popularity that they deserve!



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