Planning Your Perfect Beach Wedding

by Julia on September 20, 2016

Can’t you just picture it? The waves softly crashing as the back-drop for your I-Do’s. Blue skies, sandy toes, and salty air?

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? You can have the beach wedding that you’ve always wanted, but it probably won’t go off without a hitch if you don’t do some serious planning ahead of time.

Here’s what you need to think about before the big day!

  • Permits, Documents, and Rules. You may have the perfect venue in mind, but before you get too far into your planning process, check with local authorities to find out if you need any special permits or documentation in order to hold your ceremony at that location. Many beaches also have container rules and requirements for clean-up after the event. Save yourself some trouble down the road and do this first!
  • Location, Location, Location. The paperwork isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you’re scouting out a venue. There are a few considerations that will impact your final decision.

 Do you have any guests who need special accommodations, like a beach wheelchair or a walker? You don’t want someone special to be left out of your important day because the location wasn’t accessible to them!

Another location issue to ponder is the privacy of your wedding. If you hold the ceremony on a public beach, don’t be surprised if you have some looky-loos! If you’re not okay with that, you may need to rent a private beach venue to keep your ceremony to invited guests only.

One last consideration when choosing the right location is the tides. Check the tide schedules for the beach you want so that half your wedding party doesn’t end up taking an un-planned swim!

  •  Dress for (beach wedding) success. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to dressing for your beach wedding.

 If all your hopes and dreams for a perfect wedding are pinned on a fluffy dress covered with lace, a beach wedding may not be right for you. Remember, beaches are made up of sand. Sand and lace aren’t the best combination. You’re better off choosing a soft, flowing, smooth fabric, such as chiffon or silk.

 An updo is probably a better idea for your hair. The beach can be windy and wind won’t be as much of a factor in your look if your hair is up.

 Speaking of the wind, forego a veil for some flowers in your hair. It fits the natural, beachy theme and won’t be a possible choking hazard should the wind pick-up.

High heels will sink into the sand, so as far as shoes go, you’re safest bet is to stick with flat sandals, espadrilles, wedges, or even bare feet. If you do decide to go barefoot, keep in mind that sand can get pretty hot, and use a fabric runner to walk down the aisle on.

  • Beach wedding styles for guys are definitely more casual and less monkey-suit. Seriously, girls, you don’t want your groom to have heat-stroke during your wedding. Cotton or linen pants will do quite nicely. Even Bermuda shorts are acceptable.

While we’ve talked about three of the biggest factors in pulling off that perfect beach wedding, there are a few more quick tips that will make your day go smoothly:

  • Beach weather is unpredictable-have a back-up location in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.
  • Think about sunscreen and insect repellent. Your honeymoon will not be fun with sunburn and bug bites! It’s a good idea to make some available to your guests, as well!

 If you’re looking for a beautiful location to hold your beach wedding, check out some Outer Banks wedding venues!

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