Essentials You Need To Survive A Long Haul Flight!

by Julia on June 28, 2016

I am scared of flying, as I have talked about previously, but it’s essential if you want to get from A to B when traveling. Long-haul flights are the worse, and you need to prepare to ensure the journey is as comfortable as possible for you. Here are some essentials you need to survive a long haul flight

 Plenty of books

 You need distraction if you are going to be in the sky for hours one end. One of the best way to pass the hours if there are no good films on is to take plenty of books with you. Reading is a great way to pass time, and you will feel sleepy after you have finished reading. You will forget where you are while you are engrossed in the book. You could get a Kindle and download books in there, so you don’t have to carry heavy paperbacks in your bag.

Good seat

Another essential you need to survive a long haul flight is a good seat. If you are uncomfortable during the journey, it will make it feel even longer than it already is. You can often choose a seat online before you get to the airport so you know exactly how much legroom you will have. You should also choose an aisle seat because it’s likely you will need to go to the bathroom at least once during the long journey. If you do want to have more legroom, you could consider flying business class. Check out business class flight deals to see if it’s something that might be worth doing to be comfortable during the journey.

Eye mask

You will need to kill some of the hours on the jet by sleeping if you want the time to go quickly. But it can be hard to sleep when there is so much going on around you on the jet. You will keep opening your eyes and seeing what’s going on. Therefore, you should get an eye mask so that you will find it easier to get some shut eye. You can also pick up some noise cancelling headphones so that you can block out any noise that’s going on around you on the plane. It can be hard to sleep when there is a lot of chatter going on during the flight.

Plenty of water

It’s so important to stay hydrated while on a long haul flight. You are going to be on the plane a long time, so you need to ensure you are drinking water. They will provide you with water so you should accept. Avoid drinking alcohol as you may end up feeling ill half way through the journey.

Light clothing

Another essential you need to survive a long haul flight is light clothing. You don’t want to spend hours in tight jeans as you will struggle to get comfortable. Choose light fitting clothes and take extra layers so you can keep warm during the flight. Don’t forget to bring along some compression socks to prevent blood clots which can occur from sitting in one place for a long time.

The best way to survive a long flight is to keep calm during the journey. Just think about where you are headed and the journey will soon pass.


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