Planning The Ultimate Trip To Amsterdam

by Julia on June 17, 2016

Taking a trip to Amsterdam is an excellent travel choice. This city is full of exciting nightlife, quirky cafes, fantastic fashion and plenty of history and culture to sink your teeth into, making it one of the best cities to visit in Europe. Whenever you travel to Europe, you should always bring your European Health Insurance Card so you can take advantage of the EU healthcare if the need should ever arise – it’s always better to be prepared. This charming city is known for its artistic heritage and canal system that is said to even rival that of Venice. To make your trip a success, it’s always a good idea to plan your ultimate trip to Amsterdam.


Accommodation choices in Amsterdam is plentiful, with everything from a hostels to five star boutique hotels, all suitable for romantic weekends, a business trip or a fun trip with your friends. To add to the quirkiness of the city, there’s also accommodation that can be just as memorable as your sightseeing. In Amsterdam, you could choose to sleep on top of a crane, in an antique Amsterdam tram carriage or sleeping in a floating hotel.


The weather in Amsterdam, like in much of Europe, is extremely temperamental, so packing some waterproofs along with your shorts no matter what the forecast suggests is vital. There’s sure to be one stray raincloud looking to rain on your parade, so to make your trip a shining success you should be sure to be prepared for all weather conditions, rather than spending your time fighting for the last umbrella in the store.

Getting Around

Amsterdam is easily accessible on foot, by public transport or on the traditional bicycle, but packing the right footwear is extremely important. The beautiful cobblestone streets can cause havoc to those wearing shoes, so making sure you have comfortable footwear so you can take in the picturesque sights rather than worry about a swollen ankle is ideal. The city is known for its neat and organised cycle paths making it one of the best ways to travel around the city, particularly if you want to explore the city in depth, so packing a comfortable pair of footwear to ride in is vital.

What To Do

There are a huge number of exciting attractions to visit whilst in Amsterdam, with famous museums, markets and boutiques making up much of the city. If you’re looking for a step back in time, then a visit to the Anne Frank House is a must. Alternatively if you’re interested in art, then the Van Gogh museum is a great choice for you.

What To Eat

If you’re a food fanatic, then Amsterdam may be the perfect place for you. Although the Netherlands might not be well known for its cuisine, there are a few traditional Dutch dishes that you can try to test your palette. Haring or Hollandse Nieuwe, is possibly the most famous of all traditional Dutch dishes and is something that you should try at least when visiting Amsterdam. The dish consists of raw herring, served with chopped raw onions and gherkins, and the dish can be found everywhere from shops, street stalls and in restaurants. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little less adventurous, then a stroopwafel could be your food of choice. The stroopwafel is the most famous pastry from the Netherlands and is a unique kind of cookie, which features a waffle filled with a special sweet and sticky syrup.

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