Vacation Ideas for the Summer – Best Destinations to Go This Summer

by Julia on June 8, 2016

The time has come to start thinking about your summer holiday. Whether you are a fan of lying on the beach or prefer to spend your time exploring the city streets, the world has a range of amazing destinations to visit. We’ve gathered some of the best vacation ideas for the summer to help you spend an unforgettable holiday.

Gorgeous Japan

If you are searching for that otherworldly experience this summer, then Japan is the country to visit. The land of the rising sun is full of things to see from the never-sleeping Tokyo to the more tranquil Otaru.

Japan offers plenty of things to do in terms of experiences. You should definitely consider visiting the Adachi Museum of Art or Katsura Imperial Villa in western Kyoto. These highlights the exotic beauty of the country.

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Exotic Botswana

Botswana’s journey to one of Africa’s most thriving societies is a stunning story in itself. Why you’d want to include this beautiful, progressive and inspirational country to your summer holiday list is because 2016 is when it celebrates its 50 years of independence.

When it comes to celebrating, Botswana does it better than anyone else. You can enjoy the national dish of Seswaa while listening to the drums beating long into the night. As Botswana has more elephants than any other country, you should really book a fabulous safari.

Sizzling Palau

If you are after the beaches and the scenic scenes, then this tiny island in the Pacific is a must-go. But don’t let the size fool you – Palau has so many things to do and to experience that you might find yourself coming here even after the summer is over.

The Jellyfish Lake might not sound like an appealing place to visit, but you must experience this natural wonder. The hundreds of jellyfish look stunning in the clear blue water and you’ll never see these creatures in the same light.

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Beautiful Poland

Europe offers so much variety and choice for travellers. But instead of opting for the traditional destinations of France and Spain, you should consider Poland. The beautiful country has increased its visitor numbers, as it celebrates its achievements as the Capital of Culture 2016.

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Historic Uruguay

Uruguay is often referred to as the Switzerland of America. It isn’t a big surprise, considering how tranquil and unique the country is amongst its fiery neighbors. The beautiful country is sandwiched by Argentina and Brazil, with Uruguay taking on some of the best bits of both worlds.

The small capital city of Montevideo is perfect for new explorers, as it offers some of the best bits of the country’s rich cuisine and culture. You must definitely have a dance of tango on the streets of Montevideo and enjoy an asado at Mercado del Puerto.

If you are looking for something outside of the capital, we suggest you head down to Colonia de Sacramento. Book your stay at Don Antonio Posada through and enjoy this beautiful colonial city and its hot summer climate overnight.

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Comfortable US

You don’t always have to travel far to enjoy something unexpected and exciting. The US offers a stunning variety of options from the bustling cities of New York and Seattle, to more peaceful experiences in cities like Estes Park in Colorado and Stuart in Florida.

But perhaps this isn’t the summer for a city vacation in the US. In fact, you should explore the natural parks of the country, as they turn 100 years old. Yosemite, Yellowstone and Zion are all-amazing for hiking and escaping the noises and stresses of our daily lives. You could fly to an airport near your favourite national park and rent a car from the airport. Avis regularly runs savings campaigns to guarantee you can save money while exploring these stunning gems of the US.


Summer is the perfect time to explore places you’ve never been to before and the above destinations are definitely worth a visit. Remember to plan for your trip well and compare prices to ensure you can enjoy luxury without paying the price.

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