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by Julia on June 7, 2016

It is hard to find an equivalent to the natural beauty of the Ukrainian landscapes and its cities filled with a rich history and friendly people. Ukrainian language is often compared to Italian in terms of melodiousness and  famous Ukrainian folk songs always evoke strong feelings in any listeners. It is hard to find a greener European capital than Kiev filled with beautiful parks and chestnut trees on every street.

Ukraine offers a huge variety of entertainments: from religious sites including ancient churches and monasteries, cultural tours with famous museums and architectural wonders to ethnic concerts and different cultural events. With a wide variety of excursions in Ukraine even the most fastidious traveler will find the something that suits their holiday wishlist.

You can choose to explore ancient forts and castles, go shopping in  famous markets filled with artisan and local foos; try out delicious traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine such as borscht with galushkas, cherry dumplings and salo – cured slabs of fatback or pork belly.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the hospitality and generosity of Ukrainian people no matter where you meet them – on the road, in the cities or out in the countryside.

The natural landscapes of Ukraine certainly deserve additional attention: the Carpathian Mountains, Hutsulshchyna, banks of the river Dnieper and picturesque shores of the Black and Azov seas are all stunningly beautiful.

There is no need to worry about the situation in Ukraine: first and foremost, we can hardly imagine the necessity of creating individual tours in Ukraine in case if it is unsafe to stay on the streets. The situation in Ukraine is stable, especially in Kiev, and tourist areas and tourists all over the world visit Ukrainian cities and countryside without any issues and stoppages. Despite the facts about rare media misinformation about riots on the streets, rest assured that all cities visited by tourists are peaceful and quiet.

One of the most interesting tours Ukraine can offer to travelers is the Chernobyl tour. Today the atmospheric radiation in the exclusion zone has returned to the levels before the explosion so it is quite safe to travel there for a day. Do not miss your chance to experience the atmosphere of the place abandoned by people long ago and check how nature heals its wounds. The place with a frozen time – this is how people call the town of Pripyat, and it can be considered almost like a crime –to visit Ukraine and Kyiv and ignore Chernobyl.

When you travel to Ukraine you can count on the friendliest attitude of locals, wonderful views and tons of fresh and exciting experience!

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