Celebrate World Meteorological Day: 23 March 2014

by Jules on March 23, 2014

Phew! What a turbulent few months we’ve had, what with the devastating floods in southern UK and the ferocious Arctic blasts that affected the US – although thankfully with the onset of spring comes World Meteorological Day.

The United Nations established World Meteorological Day in 1950 and it’s held each year on 23 March. The day itself hosts various events such as exhibitions, conferences and events, both for professionals within meteorological fields, as well as interested members if the general public. Prizes within the field of meteorological research are given out. Many countries take this as an opportunity to launch special postage stamps to mark the event.

Established in Vienna in 1873, the International Meteorological Organization set about forming station networks linked by telegraph to bring improved weather forecasts to the world. This revolutionary concept made shipping services more safe and efficient, as well as contributing to peoples’ safety right across the world.

The theme of 2014’s World Meteorological Day is ‘Weather and climate: engaging youth’ as it looks to educate and inspire young people in the interesting world of weather and climate. More information via the UK’s Met Office.

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