Webloyalty Reveals 5 Most Popular Holidays for 2014

by Jules on March 11, 2014

#1: Beach holiday abroad

Who out of us doesn’t dream about lounging on a beach, basking in the sun? As it turns out, a whopping 26% of us are planning to do just that in 2014. A Webloyalty study has revealed that when compared with last year, 2% more of us are escaping to a beach abroad.

#2: Day trips in the UK

Day trips are getting more and more popular, and why not? They are friendly to your budget and also your time! When asked what they preferred, 56% of Webloyalty respondents said that they preferred to take shorter trips throughout the year, as opposed to one long holiday. 20% of us are planning day trips around the UK this year.

#3: City breaks abroad

Unsurprisingly, city breaks are getting more and more popular, as there just so many delights to visit! Rome is a stunning location, and people flock to London and New York for the sights and smells of the big city. 17% of respondents to the Webloyalty study are planning a city break abroad.

#4: Staycation in the UK

Yes, the term ‘staycation’ has been adopted by travel agents to mean travelling within your home country, when it started out as meaning staying at or near home and just taking time out. Regardless, 17% of us are planning on having a ‘staycation’ in the UK this year!

#5: Active holiday abroad

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday? If it includes trekking, water sports or other activities, then you agree with another 6% of us who are taking an active break this year. More people are planning a skiing holiday this year than they were last year – another indicator that we are spending more on travel and holidays.

Read more of the Webloyalty travel study

This Webloyalty research study looks at Travel and Leisure Habits in 2014, investigating what we’re planning for the holiday season:  Travel & Leisure 2014: A Webloyalty Research Report

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