Traveling Alone in Paris

by Jules on March 10, 2014

Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world and if you take a look around you’ll notice the many things that make it romantic;

  1. The sidewalk cafes and small bistros. Being able to meet your lover for a quick lunch or cozy up with one another at night at a small booth in a cute diner.
  2. The architecture. Along with modern buildings, there are also classic French buildings that provide an inspirational atmosphere as you walk the streets of Paris.
  3. The language. French is one of the most popular languages of romance in the world. Whether you are fluent in the language or if you can only pick up bits and pieces, to the ears, French sounds like the language of love.

Paris Alone

With Paris flaunting its credentials as the ‘City of Love’, it can be challenging to think about exploring the city as a solo traveler. While many couples go to Paris, there are still many things that singles can do in the self-styled city of romance.


The first thing that you will need when you touch down in Paris is living accommodation and as a single person, your choices abound.

  1. Hotels. True, there are many romantic hotels in Paris, but there are just as many modern hotels and hostels that appeal to active and independent travelers. Decide what kind of vacation you want this to be, then choose a hotel accordingly.
  2. Rent an Apartment. If you wish to stay in Paris for a few weeks to a few months, there are a tantalising array of apartments that you can rent. A studio apartment in the city can work out to be cheaper than staying in a hotel long term. An apartment can also help you get the authentic feel of being in Paris.
  3. Renting a room. You may be able to find a boarding home or rent a room that is available while in Paris, which means that you wouldn’t have to get an apartment by yourself. Room rentals will give you privacy while still allowing you to socialize while flying solo in Paris.

Navigating Paris

Depending on your itinerary, navigating Paris will be the biggest hurdle. If this is your first time in the city, you should map out the places that you wish to visit. In Paris, there is no limit to what you can do while on your own.

  • Sightseeing tours. These tours are available daily; Paris is a city that has great history so take time to explore some of these historical sites.
  • Tasting tours. You may have gone to Paris to sample the wine, cheese and French cuisine. If so, there are a number of eateries, both world renowned, and small, village eateries, that you can sample to get your fill of excellent French delicacies.
  • Walking treks. Some travelers go to Paris with no plan other than to walk all four corners of the city as much as possible prior to leaving. If this is you, a walking and driving tour of Paris and its outskirts are the perfect trip for you. If you wish to go on a walking/driving tour of Paris, France, take along your Garminetrex. Download the maps for Paris so that you can walk the streets with as much confidence as you do at home.

Being By Yourself

The number one thing that you need to remember is that a solo trip can be even more enjoyable than a trip that you take with family, friends, or even the one you love!

By traveling alone, you can wake up each day and do exactly what you want. You can spend an entire day taking pictures from the Eiffel tower, or you can spend a day just walking through the small, quaint streets pretending to be a resident.

A trip to Paris is a destination that many dream about exploring at least once during their lifetime. If you get the chance to go alone, take advantage of the time; do everything that you want, even if it is only shopping at the quirky boutiques or drinking espresso each morning watching the sun rise over the Seine.

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