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by Jules on February 25, 2014

Europe is a beautiful and fascinating travel destination with rich history, great architecture, so much culture, good food and each city is known for different things. It’s easy to say that Europe has something to offer so to every taste.

Momondo created this very helpful interactive city guide for an easy travel experience in Europe. This guide provides you a well-balanced combination of insider tips whether it is from local people or travel experts. You will feel like a local when traveling Europe’s cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London and Prague. The days that you are spotted as a tourist are left behind, with this guide you will blend in perfectly with the local crowd. This cheat sheet will introduce you to the trendiest clubs, coolest neighbourhoods and teach you some local phrases. But not just that, this guide, will tell you what the locals drink, eat and where to go to have a great night out!

Germany’s capital city is Berlin which is a beautiful and vibrant city. You can basically touch history in this city as with leftovers of the war and post war time such as bullet holes in buildings and the Wall or ‘Check Point Charlie’ still remaining to remember people of Berlin’s and Germany’s past. On the other hand, Berlin is centre of a very vibrant art, music and nightlife scene so it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people are visiting this city, making it one of Europe’s most vibrant travel destinations.

But other cities in Europe have a lot of culture and art to offer too such as for example Amsterdam. Amsterdam is not just a beautiful and charming city, it brought out so many big-name artists such as Rubens and Rembrandt. When you walk down the little alleys or Amsterdam, you can see what source of inspiration this town must have been for so many talented painters. Discover the city, best on a bike, and ride along the channels, the wonderful narrow historic houses, arching trees and experience an amazing bike infrastructure. I mean this town even has a parking house for bikes! But as mentioned, Amsterdam is culturally a fascinating city to visit. At one weekend in spring, this city’s streets turn into a big party venue for “Queen’s Day” – a day celebrated by locals that attracts masses of tourists too – or popular Light Festival in winter.

Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen might be small but is anything else than boring. Copenhagen is truly a cosmopolitan city with a diverse cultural and nightlife scene. It’s perfect for fashionistas and shopaholics as this city has a lot to offer in terms of fashion and design. The street scenery, the amazing architecture, the seaside so close by and the friendly people will make it hard for you not to fall in love with this beautiful city. You will feel right at home here!  Take a nice little stroll along Europe’s longest main pedestrian street “Stroget” and the channels and try the delicious “Smørrebrød” with seafood, meat or vegetable toppings on it. And don’t forget to visit the Freetown of Christiania to discover a completely different world. Copenhagen should definitely be on your must-see-list!

Prague’s nightlife is vibrant and diverse. The city offers a variety of themed bars, traditional beer halls with accordion players, to sleek and modern dance clubs and bars. You really have to try one or two of the tasty Czech beer! Prague is often referred to as “the city of 100 spires” and a city in which you can find so many different epochs restored in beautiful buildings and monuments. You can find anything from Gothic, Renaissance over to Baroque and more. The city displays leftovers from many different areas which had definitely an impact on Prague’s splendid appearance. Prague has been occupied by different world powers, so no surprise you will find leftovers from different occupations such as the Nazi’s and the Communists. The enchanting old town (Stare Mesto) of Prague has a stunning maze of small streets, cafes and bars. And make sure you check out the Astronomical Clock and the famous Charles Bridge. Prague is perfect for a short getaway trip!

England’s capital of London is a noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural city. People from all over the world live and work here. And each of these different cultures influences the appearance and vibe of the city’s different areas. In terms of fashion you can really find everything here, and wear anything you want without people – well that’s the locals – turning around and whispering about it. And this counts for the art and music scene too. After a long day of sightseeing it’s just nice to go to a pub, have a beer and fish ‘n’ chips and enjoy some live music to get you in the mood for more, may it be a concert or some serious clubbing. London attracts people from all over the world for a good reason! It’s not just the Royals, a lot of history, free museums but just the lifestyle of the people that makes London a fascinating place to visit.

So check out the guide, get inspire and blend in with the locals!

Mary loves to travel and is very passionate about different cultures, new places and good, international food. Mary is one of the travel experts that provided great insights and tips to the travel cheat sheet.

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