Top 5 European Sailing Destinations

by Jules on February 25, 2014

If you find you have some time to spare in the coming year for a remote trip across the glorious blue seas of the Atlantic, consider this selection of wonderful locations. Sailing is the perfect opportunity to get away from any stress-related hindrances but you can also make it the time of your life if you choose your destination carefully. There are some incredible experiences on offer across Europe for seasoned and amateur sailors alike, so why not make the most of your sailing trip by choosing one of the following destinations.


Turkey is famous for its beaches and adventurous land journeys but it also has some notable sailing opportunities. Sail the Aegean Sea and enjoy the shimmering blue waters and beautiful weather conditions throughout the day. You can stop by at Izmir or Kusadasi during your voyage by the coast before reaching the bustling city of Istanbul. It’s a wonderful sailing experience that you are sure to enjoy.


Greece gives you the chance to take in the glorious sunshine whilst stopping by at the various Islands situated on the Mediterranean.  Once you’ve sailed from Greece you can make your way to Crete or Santorini for your evening meal before watching the sun descend into the horizon as you sail along Greece’s outstanding coastline. Greece has proven to be an extremely popular sailing destination and with so much to experience, it is sure to be a holiday to remember.


Croatia’s popularity has grown immensely in recent years as the potential for sailors has come to light. It now provides some of the most famous sailing waters in Europe and the opportunity to voyage across the Adriatic Sea has made Croatia a truly unique sailing experience. You can swim in the clear open seas before travelling to the many islands present on the Adriatic, or disembark at Dubrovnik or Split for an introduction to Croatian tradition and cuisine.


With over 290km worth of coastline to explore, Montenegro has become a must-see destination for sailors across the world. Situated between some of the other recommended sailing landmarks including Croatia and Albania, Montenegro offers many friendly ports to visit. You can also travel to the longest fjord in southern Europe, the Gulf of Kotor if you’re interested in notable landmarks.

Cote d’Azur

The Cote d’Azur is famous for its glorious coastlines and unrivalled beach resorts whilst the sailing experiences aren’t bad either. There are some incredibly famous ports to visit, not least Cannes and Monaco if you’re looking to experience a taste of luxury. Surprisingly, it’s not difficult for the average sailor to access these shores so Cote d’Azur is a must see.


Karen Yarnold is a yachting enthusiast with a passion for travel across Europe’s many fine berthing spots. She has contributed this article on behalf of Island Charters, providers of luxury yachts available for charter across the continent.

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