Estonia’s Best Winter Sports Festivals in Spring 2014

by Jules on February 16, 2014

If the Sochi Winter Olympics are whetting your appetite for a bit of action in the snow, then check out Estonia’s winter sports festivals, up and coming this season;

Tartu Ski Marathon – 16 February 2014
Head to the ever-popular annual classic cross-country Tartu Marathon which is held every third Sunday in February. Attracting competitors from across the world, the marathon forms part of the internationally renowned Worldloppet and the Estonian Estoloppet ski series. The full-length marathon spans 63 km, with a half marathon option of 31 km.

Simple Session – 22 February 2014
One of the most thrilling BMX and skateboarding contests takes place in Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn. The annual Simple Session is now in its 14th year and attracts extreme sports fanatics from all over the world.

Estonian Slopestyle Open – 28 February 2014
Calling all diehard snowboard fans – this is the biggest and most important snowboarding event in Estonia for 2014 and will be held at the long-awaited reopening of the Kiviõli Ski Centre, which is tipped to become a new hotspot in Europe.  The schedule includes an open ceremony, a Welcome & Warm Up Party and live performances from DJs, held in Kiviõli Seikluskeskus.

Haanja Ski Marathon – 8 March 2014
All the family can get involved in the 42nd annual Haanja Ski Marathon, where skiiers will try their hands at trails of 42 km and 22 km. Following the classic style, there is also a children’s skiing competition.

The Great Towers Vertical Challenge – 6 April 2014
Meet at Tallinn’s Teletorn tower in the heart of the city, which rises to 1,025′ (312 m) and hosts the scarily sounding Great Towers Vertical Challenge!

Võhandu Marathon – 19 April 2014
This particular marathon is not on snow, nor dry land, but is actually held on the beautiful 100 km stretch of the Võhandu River. It’s also one of the most challenging bodies of water in southern Estonia.

Image credit: Иван Исаев CC A 3.0

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