The Top Reasons to Head to Gran Canaria in 2014

by Jules on January 16, 2014

It has reached that time of the year where we all start thinking about the summer holidays – it isn’t really a surprise when the weather outside is so cold and wet! That is why it is nice to have something special to look forward to, and this is preferable when it involves sunshine and warmth. One place you are pretty much guaranteed to experience this is in Gran Canaria, so you should consider it for your 2014 sunshine destination.

If you don’t know too much about Gran Canaria, one of the first things you should note is that it is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 93 miles off the north-western coast of Africa – that means it can get very hot. This Canary Island is close to Tenerife and Fuerteventura, and like these other islands the language primarily spoken is Spanish. So now you know the basics, here are the top reasons you should put it on your shortlist:

The climate

Summer time in Gran Canaria is highly enjoyable as there is a lot of blue sky to make the most of – the months of July, August and September generally have very little rainfall for you to worry about. The south end of the island is favoured when it comes to weather conditions, meaning you can look forward to average daytime highs of about 26 degrees Celsius in the summer months. However you will read in many places that Gran Canaria is an island of microclimates, so do a bit of research into specific resorts to read more about expected temperatures.

The geography

It is nice to head on holiday somewhere that is truly stunning, and Gran Canaria meets this requirement with ease. After all, the island is of volcanic origin which adds a dramatic quality to the scenery – the fertile lands offer the perfect place for certain plant varieties to grow. In fact, the island is known as a ‘miniature continent’ due to these different landscapes from the varying climates; there are beaches, dunes, green ravines, and rocky mountains.

The activities

Of course, there is plenty for you to do when you actually arrive! This is the case whether you are in your 20s or 40s – Gran Canaria can accommodate many types of traveller from the partygoer to groups of family members. The beaches are the perfect place to build a sandcastle or two, whilst the mountains are made for cycling along dizzying trails. Local culture can be absorbed in Las Palmas which is home to many museums, and the cathedral in Vegueta is also worth visiting.

The relaxation

By the summer you will be ready for a well-earned break; luckily for you, Gran Canaria is the ideal place to relax. Aside from the many beaches, you can sit back in one of the delightful restaurants on the island and be waited on hand and foot. Golf is another popular activity where you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset in the most beautiful of landscapes.

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