Great travel destinations that won’t break the bank in 2014

by Jules on January 16, 2014

There’s no better time to plan travel adventures than the start of a new year. Don’t worry if your budget’s on the slender side either, because there are plenty of great deals out there for you to take advantage of.

Of course, one way to help ensure you can travel for less this year is to book last minute holidays. Companies want to fill plane seats and hotel rooms, so they are often willing to dramatically lower their prices as departure dates approach. You can get the best offers by being flexible in terms of when and where you go.

However, whatever time of year you’re heading off, it always pays off to opt for low-cost destinations. For example, there should be plenty of bargains to be found in the Greek islands this year. Prices across Greece have come down in response to falling tourist numbers, meaning now is the perfect time to set off on a trip to this sun-kissed part of the world. One superb option is Crete. The largest of the Greek islands, it boasts long, sandy beaches, ruined Minoan palaces, 14th and 15th century chapels and excellent hiking routes, among other attractions. The best times to go if you’re seeking low prices are mid-May to late June or September.

Southern Italy also offers great value vacations. For example, you can enjoy surprisingly cheap breaks in Puglia. Known for its picturesque hilltop towns, olive groves, ancient ruins and beautiful beaches, this is a fantastic place to relax and unwind. While there, you can make the most of the cucina povera (poor man’s food) style of cooking that abounds in the region. Although inexpensive, these simple hearty pasta dishes and soups are fresh and pack a real flavour punch. It’s important to note that in July and August prices rise because a host of food festivals, concerts and events take place across Puglia.

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Another destination to look out for this year is Nicaragua. This gem in Central America is cheaper than neighboring Costa Rica and it is home to the Río San Juan, the Volcán Concepción, an array of wildlife and stunning coastlines. Indeed, you can enjoy some of the cheapest beach living in the Caribbean while on vacation in the country.

Across the other side of the world, India has long been renowned as an inexpensive and awe-inspiring holiday destination, but one which happily won’t break the bank. The state of Karnataka makes a superb vacation spot. Cheaper than nearby Goa, this part of the country offers tranquil beaches, temples and great value lodgings. While there, you can take a trip to the state capital Bengaluru (Bangalore). This vibrant city is in sharp contrast to the peaceful coastal resorts and it features an impressive selection of restaurants and shops.

These are just some of the travel possibilities awaiting you this year. With a little imagination – and some bargain-hunting expertise – you could make the world your oyster in 2014!

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