Easy Ways to Save Money by Travelling in Autumn

by Jules on September 13, 2013

Autumn is a fantastic time to travel: it’s considered the ‘shoulder’ season so there’s more choice when it comes to accommodation and sightseeing tours and the crowds have largely dispersed, all of which keeps the prices in check!

Use Discounts – Scour the web for any discounts that you can use on your trip. Check with the local government or local website of the city you plan to visit. Many of those websites offer coupons and discounts on local restaurants, museums and attractions.

Pack Smart – Packing too many bags and stuffing those bags with dozens of different outfits can result in high baggage fees at the airport. Pack one bag that you can carry on the plane with you to avoid those charges. That one bag will also stop you from worrying that the airline might lose your things.

Look for Last Minute Deals – Instead of planning your trip months or even weeks ahead of time, look for last minute deals. You can save hundreds of pounds on your flight, rental car, hotel room or even tickets if you wait until a few days before you leave.

Ask Your Bank for Discounts – Talk to your bank about any discounts available for travellers. Some banks offer a debit card that both earns you points for purchases you make as well as being fee-free whilst abroad.

Volunteer Travelling – Volunteer travelling is so popular that experts even coined a term to describe it: voluntourism. You can spend less on your trip, while you do volunteer work at the same time.

Choose a Destination Purely Based on Price – Roll the dice on your next getaway. Instead of picking one destination, check the prices on dozens of different locations, and pick a vacation spot based on price. Narrow down your search for exotic vacations, tropical beaches or adventure tours.

Request Upgrades – Don’t be afraid to ask the concierge at your hotel for free upgrades. Depending on the number of rooms available, you might receive an upgrade to a room with a view or free passes to the hotel breakfast buffet. The concierge can also help you get tickets to local shows, book dinner reservations and make other arrangements.

Join Reward Clubs – Companies use reward programs as a way to thank frequent customers for their patronage, but signing up for reward clubs can also help you when travelling. Sites such as Cleartrip Coupons offer huge savings on travel. You can also use gas station programs to earn free food, fuel and fuel discounts, and hotel clubs let you trade in points for free rooms.

Share a Ride – Sharing a ride on your next trip will help you save on your fuel costs. You’ll find dozens of websites that let you post details about your trip and find others heading in the same direction. You can even use the sites to find others travelling to the same location if you don’t have your own car.

Stay in an Apartment – Save even more money when you stay in an apartment instead of a pricey hotel. Apartments often have far more space but cost much less than a hotel room, especially over a longer period. You’ll also have access to a full kitchen, and you can make your own meals to save on your food costs.

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