Guadeloupe Gold: Award-Winning Domaine de Bellevue

by Jules on September 13, 2013

The island of Guadeloupe, and nearby islands that are included in its group, is an overseas region of France that is home to some unforgettable sights and attractions.  While many of the world’s regions are known for this or that—France is known for wine and Germany is known for beer—the island of Guadeloupe, like some other Caribbean islands, is famed for its rum.  While the island boasts various distilleries that are revered for their rum, Domaine de Bellevue is regarded as Guadeloupe’s best, and it really does live up to its reputation.

Domaine de Bellevue

Rum lovers assert that rum doesn’t get any better than that produced in Guadeloupe.  This Marie Galante distillery is one of world’s most acclaimed.  Dating back to 1769, the distillery has been producing its rum for centuries.  The distillation of the cane juice leads to pure rum, which is potent, but also dazzlingly delicious, according to rum aficionados.  As a gold medalist in international rum competitions, the distillery attracts visitors from around the world, who come to taste the authentic brew on its home turf and witness the historic brewery and rum-making practices.

Sampling Spirits

The distillery is also famous for its free samples of rum or rum punches. Guests feel entirely welcome at the distillery when they come for a visit. Sampling pure rums is the highlight of the visit for many, but various punches are also a known delight of the distillery. Visitors will also have the chance to purchase rum as well as books about the rum industry, the island and even local handicrafts.  Many rum aficionados advise that if your trip to Guadeloupe only permits one distillery visit, make Domaine de Bellevue the one!  When it comes to long haul destinations, this one is well worth a visit!

Visiting Marie Galante

This small island in the Guadeloupe group is an enchanting place to visit as its Creole culture and rum-making traditions go back for centuries. The island is home to about 12,000 residents.  Visitors often delight in merely motoring along the coast or witnessing the amazing sea views as they make their way to the Bellevue distillery. While coffee and cotton are also produced there, it’s the rum that is the island’s biggest claim to fame, and while the beaches lure travelers, the rum is the most powerful draw for tourists.

What Makes Bellevue’s Rum So Good?

The rum is made from cane juice, rather than molasses, as less expensive rums are. Distilled clear, they even look different than more common rums, from other places, and are noted as agricultural rums – not commercial rums.  Boasting the flavor of fresh sugarcane, the beverage is delectably sweet, but also quite strong.  It’s so strong, in fact, that many people prefer to include just a bit in a rum punch.  Punches made with agricultural rum can also be quite heady and similarly delicious.

If you plan to visit Guadeloupe, be sure to include Marie Galante and Domaine de Bellevue on your itinerary. This historic distillery is a marvelous attraction that is best capped off with a free sample of its delicious rum!

Alex Norman is a retired college professor. He now spends his time travelling, camping and fishing – and then blogging about it online.

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