Seriously Awkward Family Holiday Photos: Friday Funny

by Jules on July 26, 2013

Just take a look at these seriously cringy family holiday snaps – all I can say is thank goodness for photoshop!  A word of warning; if you’re easily offended by dodgy 70’s fashion, then look away now!

Look out for the absolutely petrified kids on the rollercoaster – bet they never went on another fairground ride again in their life!

I love the photo of the man on the deck of a cruise ship, with his leg inexplicably raised up onto the rail. What I can’t understand is that he looks perfectly happy posing – yet I feel slightly awkward for him!

Awkward holiday photo at Palace Hotel in SF with bonus Bieber bangs!

My absolute favourite has to be the brother and sister posing in front of what looks like a mine or pit, complete with 70’s style specs. This really reminds me of some of my childhood outings – trips to airfields and war museums spring to mind (minus the glasses).

Almost makes you hanker after a garish Hawaiin shirt and dodgy sandals and socks combo doesn’t it?

It’s a great compilation of awkward family holiday photos and they raised a few laughs with me – enjoy!

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