Mountain Biking in Halkidiki: A Quick Guide

by Jules on July 25, 2013

The Kassandra Peninsula, part of the mainland Greece region of Halkidiki, is one of the best options for a cycling holiday, where the Neilson beach club, Anastasia, is perfectly placed for you to explore the region and enjoy the cycling and mountain biking on offer. Whether you fancy a gentle trail that will allow you to explore the area from your saddle, or you want gruelling descents that test your abilities and your stomach, Halkidiki is full of interesting routes and trails to suit.

There are a few climbs that stick to the road, but most of the routes are off road. Guided trails begin in the morning and culminate in a 65km trek on a Friday – it’s up to you how much you participate in. Full biking days include packed lunches, while you will return back to base in plenty of time to enjoy a quick dip in the pool or a paddle in the sea.

If you’re travelling to the area as an advanced rider, there are a couple of quick blasts during the week to put the pedal to the metal and to check out your technical skills. Taking just over an hour, they won’t take long out of your day but will really test your advanced abilities.

Guides run two bike clinics each week, where you can hone your skills and improve in certain areas, such as optimum positions to ride for descents and corners. Maintenance clinics can also help you to answer any questions you may have.

For £55 a week, you can reserve your own bike, which will be set up to fit you and your stance perfectly. Whether you choose a mountain bike or trail bike is completely up to you and will depend largely on what you want to gain from the break.

Halkidiki offers astounding natural beauty for you to discover from your saddle – consider it for your next adventure.

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