The Real Holiday Experience: Rome

by Jules on July 22, 2013

Rome is a tourist’s ideal destination, the picturesque ancient architecture from the Roman period being a highlight for any intrigued traveler. There is more to do than just the somewhat geeky history revision by examining the historic architecture in Rome. There are various seaside communes just outside of Rome, the prettier of beaches being further away but only a train journey. Although, one could spend entire holidays in Rome without going to the beach because there is so much to do. The wiser of travelers would check a website like HolidayCheck before going in order to decipher what exactly are the best things to do in Rome…

Things to do and see in Rome


The Colosseum is known to travelers worldwide, and is one of the main attractions of having a holiday in Rome. The Colosseum saw many lives taken in grueling gladiator fights, all watched for fun and amusement of previous citizens of Rome. Now it is a place for Holiday makers to marvel at the glorious construction.

When in Rome, don’t mess about get yourself a real Italian ice cream

The people of Rome do not dilly dally when it comes to ice cream. At this single ice cream parlor there are over 100 varieties of ice cream. Which weary Holiday maker does not crave an ice cream at some point during their trip around finding things to do in Rome? (not that people ever get short of things to do in Rome).

Trevi Fountain in Rome

The Trevi fountain in Rome is one of the most popular things to do in Rome. Well throwing coins into it is anyway, when one throws a coin in, one is ensured a return to Rome. Probably to come back to this attraction to throw another coin in.

Interesting hotels in Rome

Hotel H10 Roma Citta

The Hotel H10 Roma Citta has a fantastic roof top pool which is a novelty for the area. It is one of the top rated Hotels in Rome, and recommended by 99% of review writers on the HolidayCheck website. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the center of Rome from the Hotel is not very far, at most 40 minutes. It’s an ideal destination in Rome because it’s a bit further away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

St George Hotel in Roma

This Hotel is located near the center of Rome and not far from Vatican City. With So many things to do nearby, this Hotel is an ideal 5 star Hotel. Its rated 5.1/6 on the HolidayCheck website.

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