5 Insane, But True Tips about Solo Travel

by Jules on July 22, 2013

So it’s that time of the year again, when the sun beat mercilessly down and you crave for a long much needed break. However, this time it’s going to be solo on your part, why? Because your buddies are busy breaking their backs and straining their necks under monster bosses. Your family is too busy managing daily household chores and the perils associated with it. Did you know the next door neighbor’s dog Lassie ran away with the other neighbors dog Bruno? Yes, all of that has to be managed as well, so even your society friends cannot come along for this amazing trip.

Now what do you do?

Two options for you to choose;

  1. Sit like a couch potato and watch travel shows, sighing you were there enjoying the sights and sounds, whilst gorging on all those sinful quick snacks which can get you bloated as the vacation ends. Or
  2. Get up, make plans and get going!!

We choose the latter, and now that you too agree with us on the same, we have some tips for you to take along. You would be travelling solo, and this is your way to tell everyone back home, in the society (Especially that annoying old woman at the corner house who doesn’t agree with young ones travelling alone), and at work that you are a grown up and can manage this  trip on your own, so travelling solo it is.

Please read on and be well-informed, we talk through experience while wearing our travel hats.

Time to Make New Friends and Interact with New People

Did you know, most of the new friendships people make are actually on long haul trips, even short ones? For example; if you are alone and single (double the goodness), you may just come across another just like you, travelling solo. Or maybe, you could just come across a group of singletons travelling to the same place as you are. You never know where luck strikes and prince charming or princess love may just pop out into the open. This would also be a wonderful way to meet new people, travel to unknown lands and beat the stress of the rat raced lives we lead. Voila, travelling solo can also get you a lifetime deal of friendships too. So go ahead dear one, make the most of this opportunity, call it divine intervention or whatever, you can and will make new friends.

Learn something new

Let’s say you would be travelling to another region, state or country, where the language and cultural traditions are much different than that of yours, or where you hail from, don’t panic. This would be a wonderful way for you to learn something new. And when you interact and mingle with the locals there, you would have takeaways to bring back home, to family, friends and co-workers. In addition to that, if you behave well, the locals might just end up loading you with curios, mementos and gifts that you could bring back home and flaunt. You sure would be the envy of many, those many who now wish they could have taken this trip with you. HA!!

Yes you can do it

Are you still bothered about that old lady down the street who keeps saying young ones such as you shouldn’t go out alone, after 8 o’clock? Well tell her you wouldn’t, in fact show her the visa and tell her your flying international for a sun beach vacation or a rolling in the deep hill trek, and watch how she burns. Don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise, you have it in you to go out there and have fun, so believe in yourself and get going. But do some research on the place you would be travelling to, it always helps knowing how to speak to people there, what too wear and familiarizing yourself with the ambiance of another culture, would be adding custard over brownies if not ice-cream dollops.

Be sure of the landings and departures

In most cases when you book for flights, daylight arrivals would be probably the case, especially when travelling to another country behind you on GMT. But if you aren’t travelling to another country behind you on GMT and would want daylight arrivals to suit your needs, it would be best to let the travel operator know your choices and reasons too.

Book yourself a cab and hotel before you leave

Take a look online and speak with at least four to five service providers or travels agents on solo travel packages. Compare costs and schedules and see which one works best for your trip-. And while doing that, don’t forget to choose service providers which have packages all inclusive, airport transfers and hotel bookings included. You shouldn’t end up with nothing and no place to go for a good nights rest on day one, with that old lady’s words ringing in your head, “I told you so, I told you so”.

Darn!! Have a great trip you, and let us know about the experience.

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