Most Honest Nationalities Revealed in Travel Survey

by Jules on April 17, 2013

Go on, confess all! Have you ever stolen something from a hotel room – and no, the toiletries don’t count – its official!

Well it turns out that some nationalities are more honest than others when travelling! No great surprise there, but just who are the most honest (and dishonest) guests?

A survey of 8,600 travellers revealed overall that 65% of hotel guests had never pilfered anything. And the most honest travellers were revealed to be those from Scandinavian and Nordic countries, in particular residents of Denmark who scored the highest at 88% of respondents who have never stolen anything. In second and third place are the Dutch at 85% and Norwegians at 84%.

And the worst nationality for leaving with more than they arrived with on a hotel stay, goes to the Colombians. Rather disappointingly only 43% had never made off with any items. In second and third last place are the Mexicans with 60% and the Indians with 62%.

So what about the British and American travellers? Well it may surprise you to learn that Brits abroad come a fair way down the table with only 3 out of 4 travellers never having taken anything. And US travellers trail behind that with 66%

So what do you think is acceptable to take from a hotel room after a stay? It’s true that the toiletries are often complimentary and in fact at some high-end hotels, the brand of toiletries is often a selling feature. But what about bathrobes, towels and bed linen?   Hotels are wise to this now and any missing items will appear on your credit card statement quicker than you can say “what bathrobe”! Sticky fingered guests have made off with books, lamps and even paintings from the walls! Warning – you will get rumbled.

Top 30 Nationalities ranked by honesty

Percentage indicates the number that have never taken any hotel property;

1. Denmark 88%
2. Netherlands 85 %
3. Norway 84 %
4= Brazil 81%
4= Canada (Quebec) 81%
4= Hong Kong, 81 %
5. Italy 80%
6. Russia 79%
7= Taiwan 78%
7= South Korea 78%
8= Argentina 77%
8= Singapore 77%
9. Ireland 75%
10. UK 74%
11= Switzerland 73%
11= New Zealand 73%
11= Japan 73%
11= Finland 73%
12= Germany 72%
12= Australia 72%
13. France 71%
14. Canada (excluding Quebec) 70%
15= USA 66%
15= China 66%
16. Sweden 65%
17. Spain 64%
18. India 62%
19. Mexico 60%
20. Colombia 43%

So, have you got anything you want to tell us?

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